Sunday, March 13, 2011

Been a While

Well it's been a while since I blogged. I've been so busy at work especially during our financial year end and there was just no time to blog.

I've also recovered sort of from the Flu, only to get it again after I started training again. At least the past couple of weeks been good and I am slowly getting back into IM training.

As you may remember I've tried the Paleo way of eating but could only stick to it for a week and a half. Being used to grains and starch for almost forty years make it a bit difficult to go without it. I must say I did have the same amount of energy as before and didn't go hungry but eating breakfast the non traditional way was the biggest challenge.

I think trying this new way of eating while I was recovering from flu and being so busy at work didn't help. Maybe I'll give it a go in the near future again. On the positive side I lost almost four kg's during the two weeks.

On the training side I've added a new toy to my bike arsenal and must say I just love it. Being somewhat of a bike and a numbers freak I just love the way the numbers talk to me when I bike. With my old PowerTap control unit I had limited info available during my ride but now I can just scroll through all the different info available.

On the racing front I haven't finalized my calender and need to do so as I am getting itchy to do a race soon. One race I did however entered is IM70.3 Asia-Pacific in Phuket. It is on the 4th of December and we are combining the race with a family holiday. DJ's birthday is on the 25th of November and Kim's birthday is on the 5th of December.

Throwing in a race while we're there just make sense, haha.

DJ's is also doing great in her dance competitions lately and all the hard work is paying off. She's also participating in the couples division this year with one of her dancing school friends.

Just had to add a picture of Eddy, for those wondering how he's doing. Still as energetic as always and keeping me busy and here he is enjoying a bone I brought him after me and Kim had a great lunch today.

Well that's all for now but hopefully I can blog from now on as well as the training lately.