Sunday, June 2, 2013

14 weeks of Ups and Downs

It's been 14 weeks since my heart attack and just a quick update on how things are going. To say that everything is 100% will be a lie. I have my ups and downs but luckily I've had more ups than downs.

Like I said before the Mental side of the recovery for me is harder than the physical side, maybe because I was very fit before the attack and the physical recovery is going well. Mentally it is hard not to train like I used to train and also the mind games and all the "what ifs"

I had three anxiety attacks during this time and with one I ended up in Hospital as I thought I am having another heart attack. Only to be assured by the Hospital that my heart is fine. You see the problem is with any chest pain or something feeling weird, your mind start playing games with you and you think you're having another heart attack and the more you think about this the more you start to panic.

The Doctor did give me medication to take if I feel that I am starting to panic but I don't like to take the medicine. Don't want to become dependent on it.

That's the negative, on the positive my training is going well and I struggle to keep my heart rate below 130bpm during training. I feel so good, I just want to go out and train like I used to, very frustrating training at low heart rate.

Another positive during the past week weeks is me and Kim could celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary end of May. I am so thankful for having her and motivating me and looking after me, not only after the attack but for the past 19 years.
On my bike ride today, going outdoors

Like I said training wise it is going well and I do all of my training on the treadmill and on the indoor bike trainer (Computrainer). I've seen that I can control my heart rate better indoors than if I go outside.
I did however went out for an outdoor bike ride today. Indoor training can become boring/frustrating and Kim told me today, why don't I take you outside and you can bike outdoors. Must say it felt great and although I had to take it easy to keep the heart rate down, it was great cycling on the open road again.

Pictures above is of my view on trainer and treadmill, just not the same than outdoors but will have to do.

I've also decided to finally work on my swim technique, seeing that I can't swim endless laps at this stage. I bought a swim program and is starting to swim from scratch. At this stage it is only drills and very basic drills.
And what would my post be without a picture of my best friend, Eddy. Always happy to see me and never a dull moment in his live. Just want to play. Here he is ready to chase Kim