Sunday, August 14, 2011

Open Season

Yesterday was my first Triathlon race after Winter and it went OK. Before going into details here's the result.

It was the first race in SA under the 5150 banner and for those wondering why 5150. It's a 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run, adding them all up gets you to 51.50.

The 40-44 age group had 69 entrants and I finished in 5th place and was also 25th overall.

Time: 2h19:13

Swim: 23:12 (new PB)

T1: 1:17

Bike: 1h14:22 (disappointing)
T2: 00:46

Run: 39:34 (happy with sub 4min/km pace)

Achieving a top 10 in my age group also meant that I qualified for the 2012 Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines, US.

The long version about the race:

Overall I am happy, especially with my swim time, although it is still slow (15th in age group and 109th overall) but considering the amount of time spend in the pool this Winter I can only improve. Only disappointing thing at race venue was that swim was held in the resorts cable ski dam with the bottom not very deep. A lot of athletes just stood up if they got tired and walk for a bit before starting to swim. Happened a few times that I swam into someone standing in the middle of the dam, taking a breather.

The Bike leg was disappointing as I usually use this to catch people after the swim. Don't know what it was but I just couldn't find my legs for the first 30km and only in the last 10km could I up the pace and reel people in.

My average watts was a disappointing 223 for 1h14's work and if you compare that to the 245w I maintained at IM for 5 hours it was disappointing. My 1 hour average should have been in the 300 range if it was a "normal" day but could still manage the 7th fastest AG time and but only 29th fastest time overall

The bike course was a two lap affair with a constant 10km climb on the out lap and then cruising back home to do the second lap. In my view the course was not great and not very safe. It was a single carriage way whereby the placed cones less that two meters on either side with public cars making use of the middle section.

First of all the space was not enough to pass someone and if you went on the outside of the cones the Marshall's would yell at you to stay within the cones, making it very difficult to pass someone if they didn't keep to the extreme side of the road.

On the return leg coming downhill it was also dangerous. Not great if you are going at 60+ km/h and need to pass someone within the cone section and cars using the middle section.

The run was good and I am happy with my pace even on the flat course. Manage 2nd fastest split on run in Age Group and 14th fastest overall

After the race we had a nice BBQ and relaxing at the Chalet and this morning we first spend some time at the heated pool before coming home after a great for the weekend.

Below are just some pictures of our trip last weekend down to KZN where DJ danced and some other pictures of the past month.
Another BBQ
Someone getting baptised in the sea as me and DJ went for a early morning walk.
Bought myself some wheel covers for my Zipp808. According to their website the 808 with wheel covers have less drag and are faster than a sub 9 disc (will see). Didn't use them this weekend but must say on my training ride last week they felt good (had a Zipp disc and a 1080 and they do feel good and I can still use my Powertap)

Also got myself a 12-27 rear cassette to start training with it and get use to the hills waiting at IM70.3 PhuketMy new Oakley's with prescription lenses, must say they are awesome and just great, especially on the bike.

My Sister's new dog, another addition to the 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 chameleons we already have

Another challenging trip to work, thought the mist would be gone by now but still some morning with heavy mist.
Now you don't see anything and then within seconds, BAM, a car just in front of you.