Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the Company of Champions

To be successful I believe you need to be in the company of champions. I am not saying you only need to spend time with champions but most of your time should be spend with winners, go-getter's, people with a purpose in life, people to whom you can look up to. My Family is just one of the many champions I spend a lot of time with. They motivate me and always support me.

The people I associate myself with, which I call my friends are also champions. I am not saying for one moment I am a snob or think I am better than other people but I will do my utmost to motivate and uplift people. But if such a person don't want to be a winner I move on and spend that time with my friends that lifts me up and motivates me. Everyone of my friends motivates me in a different way. It is words such as " I want to encourage you to keep on training hard, it is not by chance that you are going to Kona!" and "You are an inspiration for me" and " good things happen to good people" that really uplifts me. It is also my purpose to motivate my friends.

Even if you are looking at a coach to help you with your training you must have a champion as a coach (Luis Varges & Mark Allen from http://www.markallenonline.com/)
Who wants to be trained by a loser.

I had a visit this afternoon from Jacques(trijackal) and he is such a champion, just talking to him makes you feel like a champion. He has so much energy, on the move all the time.

When reading Raoul de Jongh's blog page (http://www.urban-ninja.co.za/) you immediately realize you are the company of a champion. Whenever I need some motivation I just read some of his articles, so inspiring.

Another champion I spend some time with although it is only via emails and Internet is Bryan Payne (http://www.trainingpayne.blogspot.com/). This guy has achieved so much. He lost over 50lbs after he made his triathlon comeback after 11 years. Just saw on his blog tonight he got hit by a truck today while cycling, but he got up and finished his ride-- that's a champion!!!!

Me and Trijackal at Ironman 70.3

I've met Stephan Bayliss winner of Ironman South Africa 2008 after we started communicating via email. He is such an inspiration when you talk to him, and is never shy on giving some advice.

I guess you get the picture, to strive for to become a champion you must be in constant company of champions. From your family to your friends, to your fellow workers. From the person that's doing my finances, investments and tax returns to my doctors and physio-- all are champions.
Even my friend who is a pastor an inspires me on a religious level is a champion

But most importantly being a Christian, I am always in the company of another champion-- Jesus Christ.

Without being motivated and uplifted by these winners it would not have been possible to have this piece of paper in my hand saying " Congratulations, you have qualified to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on October 10.

Today's workout:
Run: 41 min, 8.5 km, 141 bpm ave, 630 kcal.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still Looking

I can't believe it is so difficult to find a swim coach, or maybe I don't know where to look. End of last week I phoned the local swim school in Springs, the town where I am working and do I need to say it, it is the only swim school in town. After I explained my whole story to the guy he said he will be more than happy to help me but the swim school closes end of April as winter is upon us and they open in August again. So much for helping me, I need to improve my swim now not August.

I spoke to a friend who advise me to go onto swimming South Africa's website and look for accredited swim coaches but there is nothing on their website.

Then I tried in the town I live in(Witbank), but here I also can't find someone who can help me. I can't believe it is so difficult to get a swim coach.

My swim has improved over the last three years but I am now stuck at 1:50min per 100 meter for the Ironman distance, and can't get faster than 1h15 for the 3.8km. My swim time for IM South Africa in 2008 and 2009 was exactly the same although I've put in 30% more training in 2009.

Kim says I am now making the swim coach thing an obsession and I must just carry on the way I do, as I am not a good swimmer and can rather work on my cycling to make up the lost time.
I hear what she says but if I get out of the water at 1h15 in Kona I am not going to be happy.

I am trying to tell her that to be competitive you need to be good in ALL three disciplines not just in one or two.

This morning I've tested my Zoot Ultra swim skin and I must say I am impressed. Don't know if it is just psychological but it really feels if you go faster. Apart from me only swimming once a week for the past three weeks and loosing a lot of fitness, my time was 7 seconds per 200 meter faster than just before IM.

I guess I just need to keep looking for that swim coach and maybe, just maybe I can get to the 1 hour mark at an IM with the help of a coach and my swim skin suit.

Yesterday's workout:
Gym: 37:43 min, 460kcal.

Today's workout:
Swim: 21:34min, 1km.

Weeks totals:
Swim: 21:34, 1 km
Bike: 0
Run: 35:42 min, 7.3 km
Gym: 2 sessions

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Real Secret of Success

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm.
You can do anything if you have enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hope rise to the stars.
Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eye, it is the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand,
the irresistible surge of your will, and your energy to execute your ideas.
Enthusiasts are fighters.
They have fortitude, they have staying qualities.
Enthusiasm is behind all progress.
With it there is accomplishment.
Without it there are only alibis!"

-Walter P Chrysler

Doing anything in life but in particular with Ironman racing, you need to have enthusiasm to enjoy what you do but more importantly you need it to be successful in what you do.

This quote from Walter P Chrysler is one of the things I live by and I carry this small card with this quote in my pocket and have a look at it quite often.

I can't wait to test out my speed suit tomorrow morning. Although they told me not the swim with it in a chlorine swimming pool, I just need to try it out. Will give it a good rinse after the swim.

Dejone played two netball games today and I am so disappointed that I missed them but I had two meeting today which kept me busy the whole day and then there was a serious staff issue with the cleaners that had to be sorted out. After all of this I couldn't believe it when I saw what time it was.

She was so happy as they won both games and it was big scores.
The first game they won 13-0 and the second one 13-1. I promised her I will attend the next game.

Tomorrow is also the launch of the new VW Golf(6th generation) and the annual Volkswagen awards evening, so it is going to be an exciting day and a late evening.

Today's workout
Gym: 46 min, 428 kcal.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Use what you have available

Last year July as part of a project from our company, we visited some schools in the rural area of Mpumalanga that don't have all the luxuries we have and rely on sponsors to provide the necessary to maintain the school and supply education to the children. I was shocked when I saw the condition of these schools but the one school (Norden Primary)touched my heart.

The people are so proud of what they have and even the entrance to the school is decorated and they are so proud of the entrance to the school. Here's a picture of Dejone at the schools entrance. After we handed over some books and stationary to the children, I was presented with a traditional blanket to thank me for our sponsor.

These children attend school and are teached in classrooms like the one above. There is no electricity and the roof is only partially covered meaning that if it rains the classroom is flooded. They also need to share tables and equipment, but what amazed me about these children is that they see this as normal and are so keen to learn that these things don't stand in their way and they don't see it as obstacles.

Today I though of those children again after I've done my purchase for a Swim skin speed suit. For the last week I've been searching the Internet to find the "best" one on the market as I need one for my swim leg in Kona and after all the comparisons I've decided to go for the Blue Seventy Point Zero3+.

Then reality kicked in when I tried to find the suit in South Africa. There is only one company who distributes them in South Africa, but because there is such a limited demand for these suits in SA, they only import the short sleeve version. I then had to settle for my second choice a Zoot Ultra Long. The store only had one speed suit left and luckily it was my size. They gave it to me for cost because they've been having it in stock for so long. The only positive was that they had the Zoot shoes also on special because of the lack of sales.

In the past I've ordered anything I needed from the USA from companies such as Trisports or Trivillage and it will arrive within a week. But that is expensive as you need to pay courier charges, tax and import duties on top of the normal price. When I go onto the web and look at all the triathlon gear available in the USA, it makes me sad when I see what is available in South Africa.

But I guess it brings me back to the beginning of the post. Use what you have available to excel in what you do. I am living in South Africa and don't have all the gear available that the people in America have and unless I pay a fortune to get these equipment I must be satisfied with what I have.

The most important thing is I am doing Ironman's because I enjoy it and not because of all the high tech stuff that is available.

Today's workout:

Run: 35:42 min, 7.3 km, 137 bpm ave, 537 kcal, 4:54 min/km, 90 rpm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen to your coach

I've decided to participate in the Mpumalanga (for my International friends something like State/Regional) championships today. This was a decision that was only taken this week as it was held in Witbank my home town. As I worked today I was glad that it only started at 2pm with me going off just before 4pm so I could first go to work this morning.

During the Time Trial I've asked myself more than once, what is the use of having a coach if you don't listen to him. Surely that is why I have a coach, because they know more than you that's why they are the coach and you are the athlete.

You see since I finished Ironman South Africa two weeks ago I have done the minimum, you can actually say I have done nothing since. I was suppose to start with some easy swim and bike workouts last week and some running this week. Last week I have absolutely done nothing and this week I only did 2 easy run sessions, 1 swim session and a gym session Thursday( big mistake).

Mark Allen wrote an article in the "Road to Kona" supplement for Triathlete magazine where he gave a breakdown of the first three weeks after an Ironman and what to do. In the article he said that after two weeks you will feel fully recovered but you are actually not and that you need to start with light training as soon as possible to get all the metabolic waste out of the system.

I think you know were I am going too. I did not listen and did nothing in the two weeks even if I had a program to follow and it is not a heavy program for the following six weeks. Thought that I feel good after two weeks but my legs felt tired and there was no leg speed.

Luckily the Time Trial was just for fun but I think I will feel it tomorrow. Thanks to Jakkals, Johann and Warren who came to support all the cyclist at the time trial. I think everybody including me appreciate the support, thanks guys. Also thanks to Jakkals for the TT picture.

Earlier today when I came back from work Kim surprised me by getting me some Red roses( my favourite) and she placed it next to my PC. Guess she know I will see them if it is next to the computer. This was really nice, thank you Kim Luv u lots.
Time Trial:
20 km, 32:58 min, 166bpm ave, 37.3 km/h, 82rpm, 683 kcal.
Power data: 330 watts ave, 965 watts max,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Misty Mornings here again

This morning was what I was waiting for to happen. The misty season has officially start.

The highway I take to work(N12) is famous for the heavy mist on it and the highway gets closed often because you just can't see the road in front of you. This morning was not that bad with vehicles slowing down to about 60km/h.

This will now continue for the next four months until Spring arrives late August/September.

Was suppose to do a run and swim today and started with a nice 7km run this morning. According to my watch the temperature was 14 degrees, and you can feel it is getting real nippy in the morning.

On my way back from work tonight I stopped at McCarthy VW to pick up some alloy wheels for a vehicle we bought from them. Then it was off to the Vets racing Bike meeting. The local cycling club is putting together a Vets racing team to participate in some local races. This is going to be real fun and I am looking forward to it.

When I left the meeting it was just after 7:30 and I was suppose to go and do my 2.5km swim. After IM I really struggle with the motivation and decided to give it a skip. It feels that there is no specific race I am training for, as my IM Hawaii training starts 25 May and it is really difficult to keep to my training schedule. Guess it will be back to normal soon, with IM memories almost something of the past.

I also think I am not really into the swimming now, still being disappointed about my swim time. If you consider I've put in 30% more into it than last year and my time was only 30 seconds faster. A world class triathlete once said that Biking is his passion, running his talent and swimming his work. Well I guess I don't have a talent but Cycling and running is my passion as I really enjoys it but swimming is my work, just can't get the hang of it.

Dejone was awarded today at school when it opened as one of the top 5 learners in her grade. I am so proud of her, definitely she didn't get her brains from her father. Her 1st term average was 90.3%. Well done DJ, I am so proud of you.

Today's workout

Run: 33:35 min, 6.9 km, 133 bpm ave, 473 kcal, 4:54 min/km, stride length: 113 cm.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in the Groove

Well after almost two weeks leave and one week of no training I was back at it today.

Yesterday was a public holiday and it was a real sunny day, one of those days that you just want to be outside. I decided to give my bike a good was, think it deserves a good scrub and it was about time.

This morning was a shock to the system waking up at 5. Funny how one's body adapt. Not long ago I was doing my workouts at 4 in the morning and now I struggle to wake up at five. Went for a easy half an hour run and I must say it was better than what I expected.

Being back at work and having a very busy day was I think more of a shock to the system than the early wake up call and the running. At around 2 pm I was hoping the day would end but the last few hours before 5 felt like forever.

My PC at home has been giving be trouble since the weekend and my friend, Glen who knows more about computers than your average guy came to sort it out. He is so good at what he does but I guess if that's what you do for a living, you get better by the day.

I was suppose to do an easy 90 minutes bike this evening but with Glen sorting out my computer I decided to give it a miss. With my peak performance plan only starting end of May, I think I can afford to skip a session or two.

Dejone is also back at school tomorrow with the new school term starting. I can see that she is beginning to think about going to school tomorrow and her best friend won't be there. She talks a lot about Jessikay that won't be there and her new life in New Zealand. Just be strong my girl.

Today's workout

Run: 27:52 min, 5.5 km, 132 bpm ave, 385 kcal, 5:05 min/km, cadence ave 90.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holiday almost over

Well the one week holiday is almost over and it is back to training this week. Must say I had a real nice break even if it was just for a week. One week of not thinking about what workout is next and what to eat, just chilling out and eating and drinking what I want.

The whole week was so relaxing and to spend all my time my Dejone was so nice. I suppose it is then also appropriate to close the week of with a nice braai ( barbecue) with the family. We've hidden just a handful of Easter eggs for Dejone to find before we started with the braai.

But I must say I am now at that point where you start missing the workouts and can't wait to get back into the usual routine again.

I will follow a six week maintenance program just to get back into the motion and get my fitness level back on track. Then on 25 May I will start my 20 week Performance program to prepare me for Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on the 10th of October.

It is going to be a real challenge as we enter winter soon and I usually switch to Duathlon specific training during the winter. Swimming is going to be a first this winter.

I also plan on getting my weight down to my race weight during my 6 weeks of maintenance training as I think I concentrated to much on getting my weight at the right level during the last few weeks of Ironman South Africa, I could feel that some days I was feeling a little bit weak, especially during those high mileage workouts.

My training plan for the week starts with a 1.5 hour cycle and a 40 minute tempo run on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quality time with DJ

Since IM South Africa it is so nice spending all my time with Dejone. With me only back at work next week Tuesday and DJ having school holiday you can say we have been glued together. Yesterday we went to the coffee shop and had a real nice time chatting about everything, just me and her. I only realize when we have these moments how much she missed me when I was spending all my Saturdays and Sundays on my long rides and runs.

We stopped by the travel agent to give us a quote on the air line tickets to Kona. As Hawaii is literally half way round the world, I tough that we are in for a real shock when it comes to ticket prices. When I received the quote I was surprised as it was less than I expected especially if you see that the total flying time to Kona is going to be 27 hours. Ouch!!!

Last night we both fell asleep in front of the TV watching Disney channel.

This morning we went to see a movie (Monsters vs Aliens) and must say that I enjoyed it more than I though. I don't go to movies (this must have been my 1st movie in 4 months) as I can't sit still that long but it was a real treat with DJ. After that we went and played some Ten pin bowling and Dejone is getting better every time we play. One of these days she is going to give me a run for my money.

We ended our excursion by stopping at a coffee shop and I could not believe it when Dejone didn't order her standard Strawberry milkshake and Toasted Cheese meal. She orders this every time we go out. We both had a hot chocolate and a waffle with lots of syrup and ice cream.

I've decided that I am going to take it easy this week on the eating plan and will get back to my strict eating plan next week. I have also taken a few beers this week. In preparation for Ironman I stopped drinking any alcohol since January this year, must say I really enjoyed them.

This weekend is going to be a nice long relaxing weekend with tomorrow and Monday being holidays. We've decided to just relax at home and if it is warm on Saturday we will have a braai (barbecue).

I have been comparing my Ironman 2008 and 2009 data today and will post it tomorrow, some interesting comparisons

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After 5 days away from home we arrived back late this afternoon. DJ and her little poodle (Dolly) was so happy to see each other. They are so close together and I could see today they really missed each other. For a moment tonight I thought that DJ's got a poodle attached to her body.

The bad thing about getting home is that the journey is over but the unpacking still needs to be done. I don't like it but I force myself every time I fly to take my bike out of the bike cage and reassemble it. Don't want to take it out in a few days and then realize that something happened to it, while traveling.

After all the unpacking was done, we had some pizza for dinner, real treat after all the travel. Dejone was so tired she was still watching some TV with Kim and the next moment she fell asleep in our bed. I could not resist of taking a picture, she looked so relaxed.

Dejone was so glad when I told her that I am only going back to work next Tuesday. With her being at home during the school holiday I think she's going to keep me real busy. She's already planned all these things for us to do this week.

I am still taking it easy and will go for an easy swim(10 min) tomorrow just to get the muscles moving. Will just keep moving this week and will start training next week to slowly get back in my routine.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes you need a little bit of luck

And sometimes you need a LOT of luck. As Enzo Ferrari said "Look ahead and push even if you are not winning". That was so true yesterday. I am a person that believes in living your dreams and one of my dreams is to go to Kona to participate in the World Triathlon Championships.

I believe that to accomplish your dreams you need to put in hard work, but I also believe you need some luck. Don't know if you notice but right at the top of my blog it said " working to qualify to participate at Kona worlds in 2010. As this is my dream I am working towards. Well if you look again it says "Training for worlds in Kona which is on 10 October 2009.

Yes, you did not read wrong. I was lucky enough today to get a slot to go to Worlds in Hawaii.

As I said in the beginning you need luck, well today I got a lot of luck. I got the 4th and last slot in my age group. Our age group slot allocation was finalized at 4. Athlete nr.1 took his slot, nr 2 and 3 did not take up their slots. No. 4 accepted and then WOW, nr5, 6 and 7 declined. Nr. 8 took his slot and then guess who finished 9th in his age group. I did not even give the announcer a chance, when he called my name I immediately accepted.

After the slot allocation me and Dejone went down to the beach and just went crazy in the sea.

I am so happy and I guess now the real training starts. Can't believe this happened in my first year with markallenonline training. I had to make some adjustments and it took a while for my body to get used to the 20-25 hours of training a week from the 15-20 hours week but it was worth every hour.

Guess there is no winter break, and will now start to prepare for IM World on the 10th of October. Will be in contact with my coaches to plan my training for it.

Just a summary of yesterday

Finished 9th in my age group, 60th overall, 30th South African.

My bike split was also 2nd fastest in my age group and 20th fastest overall, something I am real proud of.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a day

Well Ironman South Africa nr. 3 done. It was the hardest of the three, with temperatures well into the 30 degrees. According to my Polar watch( and I know the watch is close to you're body) the average temperature on the bike was 31, with the high 40. On the run it was an average of 30 with the high at 33. I got so many cramps on the run, you won't believe.

I have mixed feeling of the day but I think all Triathletes have this due to our competitive spirit.

First of all I am happy that I finished and only 3 minutes slower than last year, one must say the day was a success. I was really worried about the swim and I think I started too far to the back. My swim time was the same than last year. I really need a swim coach if I want to be competitive. I have increased my swimming by more than 30% and still swim the same time, with conditions the same than last year

All of the top guys swam under 1h00, me coming in at 1h15.

It was then the old story of playing catch up. Preliminary results show me having the second fastest bike split in my age group, coming in at 5h02.

My heart rate average was 145 bpm, which I struggled to get down after the swim It had to be in the 138-148 bpm max zone for the bike. It took me 20 minutes to get in the zone, like I said playing catch up.

The now famous south eastern did not blown but it was blowing in a northern direction. This meant that the last 20 km of each lap where you can really fly on the bike was now a semi head.

You really had to work on the bike.

When I started my run everything was according to plan, running 1h10 minutes per 14km lap. Well that only lasted for a lap and a half. On the second lap the heat really got to me and the cramps was all over in my legs. I really struggled on the second lap and the first 8 kilometers of the third lap. During the last six km's I just pushed myself and were almost crying of all the cramp but I wanted a sub 11h30.

The whole day was magic and a special thanks to all the support from my family who were next to the road for the whole day. Also to all the text messages and emails thank you very much. Got a email from Bryan(trainingpayne.blogspot.com) whereby he postponed his long bike ride to see when and where I finished. Thank you very much, that is now real Ironman spirit.

Then one also need to thank the race organizers and all the volunteers. This race is really well run and everything is first class.

I am so happy and according to the prelim results I finished 10th in my age group and 60th overall. Will just need to check the final results tomorrow and will post it.

I guess one can say that the cramps was due to me pushing to hard on the bike, but I think I lost it at the swim. losing 15 minutes in the swim you play catch up all the time even on the run. I also need to work on my nutrition, think I am consuming too little food on the bike and that cost me on the run. Will ask for some help from Luis and Mark at markallenonline.com as I believe they have more than enough experience on this field.

Hereby just a summary of the race splits, will have a full breakdown later

Race summary

Swim: 1h15:04

Bike: 5h02, 35.6 km/h, 145 bpm ave, 4904 kcal, 84 rpm cadence ave, 236 watts ave.

Run: 4h03, 5:38 min/km, 134 bpm ave, 3510 kcal, 86 cadence ave,

Total time 10h25:08

226 km to GO, let's to it

Well all I can say is Let's to it. Woke up this morning at 4 am, and the hotel served a continental breakfast. Had muesli and yoghurt and a bun. I've got all my race stuff on and are ready to go and fit all my nutrition onto my bike. The wind is so calm this morning, can't believe it, hope it can stay that way.

Had an email this morning from Luis Vargas, my coach from www.markallenonline.com, wishing me well.

This is a real encouragement to me, the training has been spot on and I've trained harder this year than the two before. I can't wait to go out and give my best.

For those who wants to follow. You can do so on http://www.ironman.com/ and go to athlete tracker. Go to the south african Ironman.

My race number is 686.

For the ones in South Africa you can sms my race NR(686) to 32069 and you will get messages during the day.

Well let me go down to transition and check my bike and then start with all my pre race prep. before it is time to do it at 7 am

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Rack and Roll

Well the bike is racked and it is almost time to roll. Today was a very busy day, not what I wanted. I was up early this morning and did my pre race bike and run. After that I went down to the sea and did a 400m swim. The sea is colder than what I expected but I got used to it quickly.

I struggled to keep my heart rate below the 138 bpm max that I was suppose to. Don't know if it is the excitement, had to take it real slow and as soon as I start to go a bit faster my heart rate shot up. Especially on the run, just the opposite of Thursday's workouts.

The rest of the morning I packed all my bags and made sure my bike was ready. Went down to race briefing at 1 pm and were back at the hotel at 2 pm.

Dejone did the Ironkidz mini event today which started at 3pm. It was so much fun. It was a 100 meter swim followed by a 2 km run. The atmosphere were grazy, those kids really go wild and have so much fun.

There were over 1000 kidz participating. It is so nice to see all those kids faces when they get there Ironkidz medal, same size and quality as the IM medal.

In between the Ironkidz event I went to fetch my bike at the hotel. Luckily the hotel is only 200m from the start/finish, where the racking is also taking place. This year they decided to give you, your time chip as you rack your bike. What a disaster, the queue was 500 meter long and the people were quit irritated. Last year the chip was in your race pack. My feet were real tyred after the long wait to rack my bike. I decided to go with the 1080 set of wheels as they forecast a 15 km/h wind tomorrow, can always change wheels tomorrow morning if the weather change. When transition opens tomorrow morning at 5 am I will go and fit all my water bottles and spare tyres on the bike and clip my shoes onto my bike.

We only finished at 6:30pm and then we all rushed to go to dinner. We were quit shock to see how many restaurants closed since last year. The economy is really bad. The pasta restaurant where we ate last year closed down and the steak house next to it. We ended up at a Sea food restaurant with me having steak and potatoes as they didn't have pasta. Not what I wanted but rather have that than nothing at all or wait until 10pm to get a table at another pasta restaurant.

Today's workouts

Bike: 15 minutes, 6.5 km, 126 bpm

Run: 15 minutes, 2.8 km, 135 bpm

Swim 400 meter, 8 minutes

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank You

When you decide to do an Ironman you don't realize how many people is involved and all the people that have a part in your dream. It is not only your direct family but all those people around you.

Tonight a BIG THANK YOU goes out to everybody that helps me do what I love and helping me achieve my dream.

I have showed Team Stemmet tonight the surprise I had for them. I have printed their names on my pants and also the names of my father and mother in-law who both past away.

They were so touched by this but I must thank them for all their support during the past year, in preparing for Sunday's event.

One only realize when you are at this stage of the whole journey how much they sacrifices to support you. All of their support and understanding are so special.

Then to all my friends thank you for your support, all the encouragement and keeping me motivated. I really appreciate it.

Their is also all the other people that are involved in one's preparation who don't even know they are part of your dream. Here I think about my co-workers, the doctors, physio and the people were I get my massages.

Tomorrow will be the last bit of preparation, doing a 15 minute cycle, 15 minute run and 500 meter swim.

Then it is race briefing at 1pm before Dejone participates in the IronKidz mini triathlon at 3pm.

She is so excited about it and she will be doing it in her new trisuit she got yesterday at the expo. A nice mini trisuit branded with the IronKidz Logo. She even got a mini "temp" tattoo of the Ironkidz logo on her shoulder today at the expo.

After that it's time for me to go and rack my bike and hand in my bike and run bags.

The wind picked up later today and it is real windy tonight. During the morning it is not that bad but gets worse as the day progress. Hope the weather can clear before Sunday.

Today was a rest day with no training, just relaxing and chilling out the whole day.

Thank you again to everyone for all your support, now it is my turn to show my appreciation my finishing the IM on Sunday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Team Stemmet has arrived

First of all I want to apologise for not posting since Monday. The week was so busy, and last night I started but develop such a head ache that I had to stop. Not that the head ache was something serious. You see my mother makes the best fudge I've ever eaten and she made some fudge and guess what I ate way too much and the sugar gave me this head ache. Stupid but worth the head ache.

We are finally settled in, arrived today in Port Elizabeth the host city of the South African Ironman. One thing I can say, it's not easy if 6 people are traveling by air with 130kg of baggage including a bike. Had to pay R296 penalty for the excess weight. After we arrived I went to the registration venue and picked up my race pack before the rush. Then it was that dreadful job of setting up the bike after I dismantled it only 24 hours ago.

Went for my bike workout this afternoon (40 km out and back on part of IM route) and I must say I felt great. Hope it can be the same on Sunday. I owe it to Suzie (nickname for my bike, but that's another day's story) to have a blast on the bike on Sunday as it will be my last competition ride on her. I am getting my new bike end of April. I was flying and my heart rate was running at 130 bpm, well with in my training zone for the workout. I am so glad I brought my Zipp 404 front wheel, think I am going to use it on Sunday. I was using the Zipp 1080 front and back wheel today and the wind was bad, had me all over the road like a ball inside a pinball machine.
The wind was coming from the front, back , side, it was everywhere.

After the bike went for a 30 minute run and all according to schedule. What a feeling running part of the IM route and having a sea view the same time. The vibe is starting to build up and as you run you can see runners wearing their green armbands, stating that these are all IM participants.

I BIG shout out to Marius and Jackie, (who lives in New Zealand now) got a sms today from them wishing me well. I was so surprised to get a message from them. They both are Ironman finishers and it's there "fault" for introducing me to Ironman. Thank you for the message I really appreciate it

Also had a message from Jakkals, Bryan Payne, Johann de Klerk, Etresia(my sister) and Warren. Thanks guys it really gives me a boost when I get all these messages.

Well tomorrow is a rest day with no training, just taking it easy.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog, all the messages and encouragements helps a LOT.

Today's workout's

Bike: 1h17, 40.4 km, 130 bpm ave, 1053 kcal

Run: 27 min, 5.7 km 133 bpm ave.