Monday, July 11, 2011

P4 Mountain Bike

Finally decided this past weekend that I just can't ride the Zaaihoek loop with my bike anymore unless I want to end up in Hospital or dead very soon.

The Zaaihoek road is ideal for intervals as it's 10km out before it becomes a gravel road, making it an ideal 20km loop. There are also no major hills with just some rolling hills, making it perfect. The only problem is a coal mine opened some time ago on this road just before the tar section ends which made it a bit dangerous. But lately another two mines opened on this road and it is now just not safe anymore.

During Saturday's ride I almost got taken out twice by truck drivers. The second time was so close as one truck driver overtook the other one and luckily I looked back just in time to see what's heading my way and had to go off road losing all my water bottles, all gadgets on my bike and almost had a nasty fall. Going at full speed on the tar in the aero position and then suddenly going off road on a TT bike is not a pleasant experience.

The wind was also hectic and add to that a truck driver flying past you, it just spell disaster. The problem with this piece of road and frankly with most roads in and around Witbank is that there is no yellow line section.

Otherwise training is going really well and last week was not a big mileage week but shorter sessions with a lot of speed and power work.
The only issue I have is the swimming pool heater pump is broken again. Same as last year so I guess it is going to be wetsuit swimming until summer as I can't see them fixing the pump soon if I go by last year's experience. Last year it took them almost a month to fix it.

Picture at the top is the new book by Macca, everyone is talking about. So far it is not a bad read and I quite enjoy it.