Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cholesterol and Heart disease

Lately I've come across a few articles that question the relationship between Cholesterol and Heart disease. I've also read some articles which states that Statins (Cholesterol lower medication) are not necessary a good thing.

Below are some links to articles about these topics.

The reason for my post is that before my heart attack I didn't have high Cholesterol and even now after the attack my cholesterol is low but I am on statins. The Doctor prescribed it as a precaution after attack and not because I have high cholesterol. 
My question is just why take medication if you’re not sick, only for precaution? Isn't a healthy diet and exercise the medicine you really need?

The other day I was at the doctor and suggested that I want to stop using the medication as what I've read and understood from the articles I am doing more damage than good and it is also now proven that if I should have had high Cholesterol it is not necessary a bad thing or the cause of heart attacks. Needless to say the Doc said no, I must still use them.

My question is who to believe? Do I stick with “old school” believes and studies or go with new studies and believes

Would welcome your comments and opinions

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Starting all over Again

It’s been a week since I’m back at training and trying to make some sort of comeback.

So last Saturday I started training again and it’s been going well. Kim reminded me that I must “start over” and not try and start where I left off, end of February.

After my visit to the Cardiologist beginning of August when he told me no more competitions and only training socially, I totally lost interest. Think I was mad and disappointed at the same time with this whole situation. Leading up to my visit I was training strictly according to his guidelines and was waiting for the green light come August to get back at racing.

When he gave me the news I didn’t want, I continue training but slowly lost interest and skipping the one session after the other until I wasn’t training at all.

Almost two months later and one month of NO training at all, I decided it can’t go on like this. Must also thank Kim for keeping me motivated to get back at it and help me going through this bad patch. Besides used bikes don’t have any value so I can’t sell them and I hate seeing them just stand there.

Thinking back, my biggest mistake was I thought I can just continue where I stopped in February. I do realize now that it’s not the case and I must start over again, from scratch. Recovering from a heart attack ain’t no easy job, much harder than Ironman training itself.

Needless to say I’ve done more swimming, biking and running this past week than the past month and I love that feeling again, being tired and on a “high” after a training session. Something you can’t explain and need to experience yourself.

Hope to be back at it soon and to do a triathlon, even thou it would be a short distance Tri and not at the pace I am used to, I am looking forward to doing a Triathlon soon.

Pic at top is one of my runs this week, happy to record a 5km, sub30 in first week back at it, and that with heart rate sub 130bpm
"If you don't want to take me for a run, I'll go on my own" -Eddy