Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Curve Ball

We recently received some bad news about Kim's brother, Niel.

Niel has been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and that at the age of 41!

We got the news before my sister's wedding but didn't want to upset and spoil the wedding, so we kept it to ourselves. He did undergo surgery to remove some of the cancer that has spread and they even had to break two ribs do get to the infected area and to remove it. He is now better after the surgery and has recovered in such a way that they could start with radiation to see if it will help.

If it doesn't help they are going to remove one of the kidney's. On the positive side the cancer has only affected the one kidney and the other one is still clean.

We are visiting him as often as we can as he now lives with his fiance and not with us anymore. They stay in Boksburg, about 100km's from us.

Get better soon Niel and we are praying for you.

I've been struggling with Flu the past couple of weeks but I said to Kim if you think about Niel and his set back you don't even wanna complain about having Flu. The only downside is I haven't been able to train for the past few days but hey it's Winter and maybe the downtime will do me good.

Picture is of Kim, her brother Niel and sister Marle at Marle's birthday on the 20th of February


  1. J, sorry to hear about Niel. That sucks.


  2. So sad man. Hoping for the best for him.

    Give your body some time to rest up to kick the flu.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Niel, I am hoping for the best. My thoughts and prayers are with your family right now.

    Get better from the flu soon too.

  4. Sorry to hear about Neil too. I'll pray him and your family as well. Much too young to have to deal with that.

  5. B, Matty, Mandy, Mike
    thanks for the messages, we appreciate it so much