Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Xterra SA Race Report

Next race was Xterra SA in Grabouw, which was also the South African Championships. For those who don't know Xterra is an off-road Triathlon and the distance was a 1.5km swim, 27km bike and a 11km run.

Finish: 3h38:50
Swim: 32:30
T1: 2:07
Bike: 1h50
T2: 1:25
Run: 1h12*
Age Group: 16th out of 72
Overall: 136th individual out of about 600

* Walked from Kilometer 3 to 5, (19:30 minutes for 2 km's). First symptoms of heart attack, Heart burn, dizzy and arms full of needles & pins
 With a 8:30 am start the day started quite relaxed and no rush to get things ready in transition. We stayed at a Guesthouse in Gordon's Bay and it was less than a 30 minute drive to the event. The swim was a fresh water lake swim and lucky for me the water temp. was 19c, so wet-suits were allowed.
 According to my standards I had a great swim. I started to the far left of the bunch and although it was a little further to the buoy, I had no "fighting" at the start, which happen quite often at Triathlon swim starts. I exited the water in just over 30 minutes and then had a longish run to T1
 The Bike was very good from the word go and I overtook a lot of athletes as the beginning of the bike course was uphill with no scary downhills. Just as I thought that this course is great with no downhills or rock gardens, I quickly realized this is no easy course. Had my ION camera rolling on my helmet and will post some footage later. Funny to see yourself overtaking a lot of people only to be passed again going down the rock garden. Apart from that the rest of the course was great with a little bit of everything.

 The run started very well and I was maintaining a 4:30 min/km pace for the first 3km. At the 3km mark I started getting heartburn and didn't know why as my nutrition was spot on and I felt great on the bike. I also felt dizzy and thought it must be the heat, as it was a hot day. I also had needles and pins in my arms. I slowly walked for 2km until I reached another water point. I felt better and started running again. Little did I know that that was the first signs of a heart attack on it's way.

The remaining 6km to the finish was good and I felt "normal" again and could maintain a good pace, passing a lot of athletes again. After spending some time re-hydrating in the athlete zone, I went to collect my bike when transition opened and wanted to start packing the bike in my bike case as we had a 17h00 flight back home.

My heartburn was back again and I said to Kim I need to get something for it at the Medical tent. They gave me something and said I could lay on one of the beds for a while. The medical staff took my blood pressure and after about twenty minutes I felt better and went to the car to pack everything.
Picture of Grabouw dam from air

After packing we left the venue on our way to the airport. I started to feel worse and I asked Kim to drive as I couldn't drive anymore. As we drove my whole body was in pain, sweating heavy, and muscle trembling with no vain in sight and I tried to feel my pulse but couldn't get a pulse. That's when I told Kim I think I am having a heart attack and she must get me to a Hospital.

More on this in next post

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  1. Wow Johan what a scary race report to read. Glad you are okay.