Sunday, March 21, 2010

VW launch at Sun City

This weekend was the launch of the new VW entry level car into the South African market and it was held at Sun City. It's a resort about 1.5 hours from Pretoria. Sun City was the brain child of Sol Kerzner who's also responsible for Atlantis and many other resorts.

The launch was spectacular and was anything but entry level. We stayed in the Palace of the Lost City, one of the four accommodation options one have if you stay at Sun City. The Palace is the most exclusive and one night will set you back R5500 ($735) for the standard room with the luxury rooms going for R39500 ($5260) a night.

Before me and Kim left on Thursday afternoon I quickly did my Bike speed session with the main set consisting of 2 sets of 3x1 minutes all out and 1x9minutes as hard as possible. My legs were feeling the session on our 2.5 hour drive to Sun City as Witbank is about a hour from Pretoria.

When we arrive we checked in and had dinner with the co-director and his wife of our company. It was nice having a meal and not talking shop for a change.

The next morning I first had to attend a business meeting early and didn't do my run session. Being an easy run on a Friday I thought I'll do it in the afternoon before the official launch and concert that was planned. As it turned out I couldn't do any training on Friday.

After the business meeting it was the annual awards ceremony and one of our salesmen from our Benoni branch won the award as the best salesperson of the year, which is based on total sales.

The evening was the launch of the VW Polo Vivo and the it was in the form of a concert featuring Kelly Clarkson, Westlife, The Parlotones, Freshly Ground and some South African bands. VW South Africa invited 6000 customers to attend the launch.
As a VW dealer we had VIP access and there were a separated area where we were entertained before and after the show. The whole evening was just mind blowing with the car eventually coming down from the roof when it was introduced.

Of all the bands I enjoyed the Parlotones the most and they were just awesome. They are a South African band but there music is just world class. They are on their way to tour the UK and is also one of the bands that will play at the Soccer World Cup opening concert along with the Black Eyed Peas. The crowd enjoyed Kelly a lot but it is not my type of music.

Me and Kim at the concert.
Kim and Kahn, the lead singer of the Parlotones at the after party. We had such fun and only got into bed at 4am. The first time in I don't know how many years that I stayed awake until such ridiculous time.
Below is some pictures of the Palace, it is one of those hotels you can't describe and the class and service is well worth the money.

A view from the top of the hotels tower over the Sun City resort complete with a sea that generates waves. The lake at the end is where we swam during a Triathlon race which is held every year at Sun City.

If I had access to a swimming pool this size in my back yard I can definitely improve my swimming

The dining hall where breakfast was served.

The breakfast was just unbelievable with anything you can think of to eat. You can even request food that's not on display if you feel like having something else for breakfast.
Started my breakfast with some Oysters and then some Salmon

And ending it off with a waffle after all the other stuff.

Some more pictures of the outside area at the swimming pool.

One Tortoise meeting another Tortoise (Skillie) at the swimming pool

The entrance to the Hotel

Leaving Sun City, VW had several signage boards across the road for some kilometers
Now all the launches and get aways are over and I have 5 weeks of serious training before Ironman South Africa.


  1. That looks like an AMAZING resort. For $735 per night, did you at least take the shampoo and slipper home? BTW, didn't know you wore glasses. Or are they fake just to make you look smart for the guys at work. haha.

  2. Glad you had a good time. Hope you did take the slippers and soap. They get thron away after you leave the room.

  3. B & Willy
    Of course, took half the room with, need to get value for VW's money. Have enough shampoo and soap to last me until next hotel stay.

    Yes just an image thing the glasses to look smart. No I do wear them but eyesight not that bad. can survive without them but eyesight not than good if I want to spot something in the distance.

  4. The Sun City Accommodation, South Africa, are the pinnacle of family-friendly accommodation. The hotel opens on to rolling lawns and is conveniently located close to the man-made Waterworld lake, and the wide range of water activities offered here.