Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Injury Ghost

Have you ever had that feeling where you know what's wrong and you know what to do to fix it but you don't wanna do it. Sound silly but that's me.

Last week Sunday morning as we prepared to go to Church my knee gave in under me and I had this pain. I didn't make anything of it and still did my long run without any hassles later that day.

But Monday morning I couldn't put pressure on my right leg and my knee was hurting. This was so bad that I did my swim session but couldn't do my run on Tuesday or my Bike and Gym sessions on Wednesday. It feels if there is a small ball just under my skin which is pretty sore when I put pressure on it.

Don't know if it's the same ball but sometimes it's on the outside and sometimes on the inside of my knee.

It is the same knee that had two operations done on it and I am too scared to go back to the doctor.

My last operation was in 2006 and the Doctor's words popped up in my head as soon as my knee started giving me trouble. Being a competitive wrestler for so long in my younger days, my knees took a bit of a hammering and when I had my operation to remove some loose cartilages and cut my ITB the doctor said my right knee is in pretty bad shape and with the little bit of cartilage left I won't be able to run forever.

He said he can't tell but I can run for one year or maybe for twenty and advised me not to do ultra running events as this may shorten my running career. I am too scared to go back to be told that it's time to hang up the running shoes.

My knee's been better since Thursday and I could bike and run but as soon as that ball (I think) move into the wrong place my knee suddenly give in under me.

Luckily there's been some great surprises this week.

First surprise was I received a postcard form Bryan Payne this week. One he sent from Kona, during Ironman Worlds with a special message for me. Thanks B

Later in the week I received a package from Nina with whom we stayed during our Kona trip last year. I received a book and Ironman DVD from Newton and used their address to ship as they didn't want to sent it to SA.

Nina was so nice to forward me the parcel with a card from her and Dana as well as a copy of the pictures they took while we were there. Thanks Nina


  1. Good news the knee is getting better and on the mend. Hope that continues this week for you...


  2. Oh man, I really hope this is just something that will mend itself. Take it easy and have a good week!

  3. J, I'm hoping the knee is nothing and you're just paranoid. I'm hoping. The good thing is you didn't do anything extreme to hurt it so hopefully it's not big deal. Although I do understand how your feeling, if it was me, I'd think my legs was going to have to be amputed. I always think the worst. haha

    Good luck and hopefully it's nothing.


  4. A long time ago a physio told me while looking at my thick achilles tendon that he could not fix it and that I should always expect to have a bad achilles tendon and that I should do everything to strengthen the area and ensure it is flexible and stretched.

    Since then I stretched more, iced it immediately if it was sore, did stair raises, self-massage, strapped it, etc in order to pre-empt and prevent the injury occurring. Since then my achilles got better. It took the physio telling me that it would not go away for me to do something about it.

    I don't know if that story will help your knee (or even if it makes sense), but you never know! ;o)

    Get better soon Johan.