Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tussen die Boom en die Bas

Directly translated it means "Between the Tree and the Bark" but the more appropriate translation in English for this Afrikaans saying is "Between a rock and a hard place"

Struggling with my knee for the past two weeks has made me irritated and demotivated. It feels if I have lost my Mojo as Simon would say.

I can't do any running and when I bike it is not painful but I notice the discomfort. Coach has changed my program and I am doing a lot of swimming (which I hate) and some biking.

After describing to coach the symptoms, she suspect a torn Meniscus. I've also read up on the Internet (which can make you even more negative) and I am afraid she may be right.

The problem is I can only get to my "sport" doctor next Friday as she is fully booked and with the holiday season upon us, she is closing early December.

Apparently the only way to treat a torn meniscus is by way of operation as the piece that got separated can't heal by itself. Coach is waiting for a report from the doctor, as she is one herself to determine how bad it is, if it is a torn meniscus. The "ball" I was talking about in my previous post is the piece that got separated and is now "floating" around in and around my knee.

If the piece is on the inside I am fine but as soon as it is on the outside or at the top of my knee I can't run and walk with a limp.

We will then decide if I can carry on this way up to March/April next year for Ironman or do we do the operation now and hope for a speedy recovery.

DJ had her birthday Thursday and she turned 12. It will be a birthday she won't forget as she cut her finger open and instead of spending the afternoon with Kim shopping and visiting coffee shops and having some mother/daughter time, they spend the afternoon at the doctors emergency room and she got sticthes to her finger.

As she walked out of the classroom at school she cut her finger open as she moved passed the teacher's table which has a glass top on top of the wooden top. If the teacher wasn't my sister, I would have made a big thing but hey family need to stick together.

I guess DJ took one for the family, but I did tell Heloise to have a look at her table and make it safe in case it happen to someone else.

Back to the birthday DJ didn't want to go to a restaurant for dinner( a first for this family) and wanted to spend the afternoon with family. My mother baked some snacks and a birthday cake for DJ. She didn't want anything fancy, just her name with some candles.

On another happy note, Eddy is himself again after the Owls moved. They had a little owl on our neighbours porch and the local newspaper even came and took some pictures. After the little one learned to fly it wasn't long before they moved along. Will see if I can still find the newspaper article and scan it and put it on the blog.

Oh and we are baby sitting again this weekend. Kim's sister is attending a wedding and asked us if we can babysit Aiden. So tonight I will enjoy my sleep and Kim will have the "pleasure" again of how it feels to me a mother again, awake most of the night.


  1. J, I didn't realize how back the knee was. Wow. At least within that irritablty you sound optomistic.

    Pass along a happy birthday to DJ, one she won't forget I'm sure. Hearing about baking is making me hungry.

    Glad to hear Eddy didn't fly away. haha.

    Good luck at the sport doctors


  2. Johann - That sucks about the knee. I hope this makes you feel better - I have a friend who had a torn meniscus and was able to run distances again post op fairly quickly - within a few months - but she was a madwoman on the physical therapy and did A LOT of pool running. And swam a lot. Sorry for the "S" word. I understand how frustrating injuries are, good luck at the Sports Doc, I hope you get good news.

    Happy Birthday to DJ!

  3. Johan, hope you get healed soon. Life, just like Ironman, is a long distance race. The injury shall be only a small incident in a long career. Happy birthday to DJ! It would be nice to arrange some of these days for us to visit you in Mpumalanga. Regards, Carlos

  4. Dude, that is a real bummer about your knee, there's nothing more depressing for an athlete than being injured. The best advice I can give you which will be the hardest for you to do (me too) when you're not mentally happy but it is to embrace the swimming. Give it everything you've got - in my experience the rewards will be slow to see and measure but rewards there will be and there's no better feeling than people who know you saying "Wow, what did you do to improve your swimming so much".

    Sorry to hear about DJ's finger too but please wish her happy birthday from us all in Malaysia.

    Looking forward to hearing a positve prognosis on the knee - in the meantime learn to love the swimming.

  5. I have had a torn meniscus and did not have an operation.


    Also this video: