Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everything's Coming Together, I Think

Before I talk Ironman, here's Dejone's Peppermint Crisp Tart she made today. When I arrived back home after my long bike she and Kim already had a piece. She now has here own mixing spoon as reward and apparently a Quiche is the next dish on her "training course"

Every second weekend I alter my long bike and long run as I feel I need to go to the dealership on Saturday's and when I am back in Witbank there is not enough time to do my long bike. This weekend was one of those and I did my long run on Saturday and today( Sunday) was Long Bike day.

I thought I'll take the camera along today, to take some pictures of my bike route and all the things that happen along the way, but as it is today was not a very eventful day.

Above is a pic of the commercial department of the dealership I worked at for almost seventeen years before taking up the challenge of going Independent. This department is about 5km from the main branch and all the commercial vehicles are being handled here. Needless to say this branch is in one of the Industrial areas of Witbank
Losing one of my water bottles 30 minutes into my ride, not good news!

This is the entrance to the Steel Factory. I always try and see how fast I can reach the plant without chasing my heart beat over the limit for the day, but traffic and wind play a big role in this challenge.

This is the guy who raised his hand when they gave away a drum of Purple paint, nice touch my friend.

With all the veld fires going, it looks like Witbank's got its own "Lava fields"

Getting to Bronkhortspruit, a town about 60km from Witbank and turning right here towards Groblersdal. The guy in the vehicle was going in circles at the intersection. He then stopped me and ask directions to the towns dam, about 5km away. He was obviously not from here as he was totally lost. People going to the dam, summer must be very close.

This truck was heading right at me and as soon as I took out the camera and started taking pictures of him he suddenly swerved out. Maybe I must start taking pictures of these Mother Truckers who always try and shave your handle bar before passing you, and send it to the company owners?

Don't know what it is with this hill but I always see people stopping and walking to the top. Don't know if there is something special at the top?
Kim bringing my replacement bottles. Today our timing was spot on!

Ahh, a Guinness after my long ride. Kim bought me one yesterday as my "reward" for my long bike today. So Nice.

I had a great week of training and I think everything is coming together. It is only four weeks before we fly to Hawaii, and six weeks before the Big day.

My running has really improved in comparison to my previous IM training and I can now keep a 4:45 min/km pace comfortably on my long runs without my heart rate going over the limit.

I'm running with my Newtons again without any problems. They are so comfortable and light, the Zoot's just had "Blisters" written all over them. Hopefully I can keep it injury free until race day with the Newtons. The good news is Tri Travel, the company who is organising the tour in Hawaii got a sponsor from Newton whereby every athlete is getting a pair of Newtons. Now I don't need to buy a new pair before Kona.

I am also happy with my swim. My time hasn't improved a lot but with the new technique I don't get that tired as before, hopefully that can help on the bike.

The bike is still one area I need to improve at and a lot of hard work lays ahead in the next four weeks. Don't know why but it feels if the biking is not there yet and I'm lacking speed, and with the bike being my strong discipline where I gain a lot of time I need to work hard at it. Maybe it is the Gym work that's hampering the speed but then I should feel it on the run as well which I'm not?

Weeks training:
Swim: 12.8 km
Bike: 237.6 km
Run: 71.8 km
Gym: 2 sessions
Total: 20h54, 322.2 km, 13939 kCal.

August month totals:
Swim: 45.3 km
Bike: 1256.8 km
Run: 292 km
Gym: 9 sessions
Totals: 92 hours, 1594.1 km, 68702 kCal


  1. Great post!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the photos, really cool to see.

  2. Hi Devan
    Thanks for the comments, appreciate it

  3. Loved the photo's, always wondered what it looked like in South Africa. Do you have Lions, tigers, elephant's, etc where you are? Or is that just my ignorance when I hear Africa?

  4. Hi B
    we do have lions, elephants, rhinos etc but they are all in various parks, and there are many parks all over the country. Visiting these parks are awesome as you see a LOT of wild animals. We do get some buck and small predotors like Jackal which wonders around in the open but mainly on farms.

    over the past few years there has been a lot of developments which scared or killed a lot of wild animals that walk freely.


  5. Enjoyed your post and the photos- inspired me to take the road on Saturday- and you are inspiring me- hold on, keep on and you will reap the good fruit in due time- this cold is just a hindrance to make you even stronger!

  6. Hi Warren
    thanks for the kind words, appreciate it