Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shoe Story

The last thing I wanted was shoe trouble 8 weeks before Kona but it's something I just have to deal with. I used to run with Asics Nimbus shoes since I can remember, using them for training and racing but last year I started using Zoots for racing up to half IM's.

After IM this year I decided to start using Zoot shoes that has a bit more cushioning for my training runs. The Zoot trainers was just not the same as the Zoot racers and they were giving me blisters from day one. Just as I was about to go back to Asics, Newton running shoes were introduced in South Africa and with all the positive feedback from runners I decided to go for Newtons.

I like the shoe and has done just short of 350 km with my first pair, without any trouble but as of two weeks ago I started having foot issues. As soon as I get close to one and a half hours on my long run I will get a pain on the top of my right foot. This didn't bother me too much as it wasn't that sore and it will come and go depending on the road profile. But last week I started getting a pain in my lower calve muscle of my right leg when I run. First I thought it was just all the training that over stressed the muscles but it only happens when I run and I could even feel the pain when I walk.

Yesterday when I was doing my long run I could only manage one and a half hours of the three hour run as it was hurting badly. I have seen some runners complain about the Newtons and some have even Achilles tendon problems. I am not too sure if it is my Achilles as it never bothered me but I will see how the weeks is going and maybe go see my sports doctor at the University of Pretoria's Sport Institute. She is specializing in sport injuries and she has operated on my ITB and Knee in the past with great success.

Now I have to decide if I am going to go back to my Asics, which has almost reached their mileage or must I use my Zoot racers, which is not giving me blisters for the mean time while I see if my calve muscle gets any better. I don't want to change shoes now and it does not solve the problem.

Apart from the running the rest of the training was good. I only missed one swim session due to a meeting and I just could not fit it into another day.

This weeks training:
Swim: 10.5 km
Bike: 335,5 km
Run: 54 km
Gym: 2 sessions
Total: 21h35, 13 sessions, 400km, 16646 kcal.


  1. I've run in Asics, Newtons, and Brooks. I started using Newtons after using Asics for years. However, I got an arch issue with my Netwons that was part of a the 'side' achilles that ran up the inside of ankle. I went back to an old favorite - the Brooks Trance's. I also started trying to position my heels more outward - starting this on the bike and then on a run - thus balancing out the pressure on my forefoot more so. Hope this helps. (bluewaterfunds on twitter)

  2. I hope you get the running shoe problem fixed quick! I'm having similar problems with my running shoes, tho I'm not doing Kona, so not as big a deal! Good luck at Kona!!!!!

  3. Hi Carol & Anonymous(bluewaterfunds)
    Thanks for the posts. Think I will go to Asics for time being as I don't have time to experiment now.
    Carol good luck with your shoe issues , hope you can sort yours out.