Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spirit is High

Being healthy again is such a blessing, I am so thankful. The week was so hectic and before I realized it is already weekend.

The staff at the dealership asked me if they can all wear our national rugby jersey (Springbok) on Saturday as we play against New Zealand in a Tri-nations match. Last weekend South Africa won against NZ and hopefully they can do it again.

I was a bit reluctant to wear my jersey but eventually decided the wear it. I have a thing with wearing the team or player I supports gear. Every time I wear my supporters gear my team will loose. It all started way back when I was still a Formula 1 fanatic and supported Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. I had the whole outfit from Ferrari shoes to pants, shirt, cap and bag, everything. The first race me and Kim attended was the US grandprix in Indianapolis. That was the only race that Michael Schumacher won while we saw him life but I was not wearing my kit as it was raining and cold.

After the US we attended seven Grand Prix races from Monaco, Germany to Brazil in a span of 6 years and never could Ferrari or MS win when we attended. Since then I don't wear the person or team that I supports gear.

Being back into full training I need to look at my weight again. With the Bronchitis and not being able to train I gain 3 kilograms. Does not sound like a lot my I sure feel it on the bike and the run. Why is it that when you are sick people think that you will get better sooner when they keep giving you treats and extra food. Having my birthday this week also didn't help with the "weight loss program". Hopefully I can get into the same eating habits I followed when I was preparing for IMSA.

Getting back to being healthy again, it is such a blessing. With some of my friends and work colleagues being sick at this moment I know the feeling and I am really thankful that I am healthy and can train 100%. One forget so easily while you are healthy and training that it is a real blessing to be able to train without anything hindering you.

So far for the week my training is spot on and I only missed one bike session due to my birthday but celebrating my birthday with my family was awesome and I don't mind missing one session for that.

Last nights swim session was a milestone in my short swimming career. Since I attended the swim clinic and changed my stroke I can really feel a difference. I am working hard on maintaining the correct form and last night I did 100m sprints with 10s rests and could manage all between 1:34 and 1:137. I know that does not sound fast for experienced swimmers but if you consider I was doing 1:50 to 1:55 not long ago I am really happy with my swim progress

This morning long run also went really well and I could manage 5min/km pace for the whole 2h20. Finished doing 28km.


  1. Happy belated Birthday J. Great swim times, big improvement. I think I need to take immersion swimming.

  2. very excited about the swimming with you- and GO BOKKE! BE BLESSED JOHAN- IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

  3. B
    Thanks, yes the swim seems to improve finally

  4. Warren
    Thanks, i am so excited hope everything can stick.