Sunday, February 28, 2010

Party (and New Running Shoes) Time

Yesterday was my sisters 30th Birthday Party and it was a fancy dress party. One thing about me and my younger sister, we are just the opposite. She is the artist, musician, happy go lucky type and I am structured, everything must run according to a schedule type of person.

I will never have a fancy dress party for my birthday, just to extreme for me. But as it was her party and I didn't want to spoil it for her I decided to dress up as something. Up to Thursday I had no clue what to wear and almost everyone was on my case as what I am going to wear. First I told my sister I am coming as a Triathlete but she wasn't impressed. Then it was a choice between my Kick boxing outfit I bought in Thailand some years ago or the Egypt traditional wear I got in Cairo on a previous trip.

The kick boxing outfit was a bit to bold for me as I had to go topless and the Egypt uniform was going to be a bit hot. I then suddenly remembered about the traditional German hat I bought at the German Beer fest in Munich three years ago and then it was set, I was going as a German. Also, I will have an excuse to drink a beer or two, something I haven't done in six weeks. The last beer I had was mid January and this morning I definitely felt the four beers I had last night (and it was normal size beers not four large jugs).

Kim went as a school girl and a lot of people did not recognise her at first and it felt a bit strange taking a school girl home last night after the party (ha ha)

DJ went as a Tennis player.

My mother going as a old Chinese lady and my elder sister dressed up as Fred Flintstones wife. My sister came all the way from Polokwane for the party and we really appreciated it.

Heloise and Gerhard

Me and Heloise, she is ten years younger than me and it really feels like my other daughter seeing that she stays in a flat on our premises.

Yesterday morning I left the house at 5h30 am to finish my 6hr+ ride in time before the party starts and one can definitely see and feel that summer is busy moving along and winter is on it's way. It was really chilly and I had three layers of clothing on when I started which I could luckily give to Kim when she brought my bottles and drove the last 2h30 hours behind me.

I met the guys from the local cycling club at 6am and did the first three hours with them before they headed back to Witbank and I turned back to do another lap towards Bronhorstspruit. It was nice going out with the club and you just feel a bit safer if you are not riding on your own.

There was a very strong Easter blowing which meant that coming back home I was riding right into a head wind. I was struggling really hard just to keep the speed up and the cadence high. During the ride I didn't appreciate the wind but after my ride I was glad as I haven't had real windy conditions this year during training. Always good to train in those conditions, come race day you're not surprised if it is a windy day.

During my long run today I really struggled and my Newtons are now gone. With my first pair I did 434km and could feel that they don't have the same feeling as when they were new. Now with my second pair after today's run I clocked 606km with them.

I was suppose to do a 3hr long run but every joint in my legs were hurting and after two hours my feet really started to pain. I stopped at 2h24 and decided to call it a day. One thing I strongly believe in is to have fun when you train even if the training session is hard. During today's run I wasn't having fun and was scared of injuring myself as I could feel the shoes were gone. I could also see that my pace was dropping off and after every 10 minute interval the distance running was decreasing.

Every time my feet were hitting the ground it was hurting. I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes last week but as the potential new sponsor is a shoe company I didn't want to buy shoes last week. I will probably know this week if I was successful with my sponsorship and will use "little bit of all sorts" of shoes in my cupboard next week.

Next Sunday is race time again and it is longer than an Olympic distance race but shorter than a Half Ironman. The race is held at Midmar dam, about 5 hours drive from Witbank. We are making it a family weekend and will spend the weekend in a chalet at the dam. I am not tapering this week and will stick to my schedule of training and see this race as a training weekend rather than a race.

The race will consist of a 1.8km swim, 60km bike and a 15km run. Seeing that I am going to miss a 6h30 bike session this weekend I am planning to do the 60km bike course on Saturday when we arrive, this will give me some extra mileage on the bike.

Yesterday's Training:

Bike: 6h07, 171.6km, 125bpm, 4883kcal, 236 watts ave.

Today's Training:

Run: 2h24, 28km, 5:08min/km, 134bpm, 2169kcal,
Below is a video clip Kim took on long ride yesterday. Struggeling against a strong head wind and going uphill was a bit amusing to Kim it seems. Even turned up the volume on Radio, when song was playing "I'm the eagle, your the wind"


  1. J, good plan on not pushing the run.

    To put a video from youtube:

    1. Go to you tube and click "play" on the video you want.
    2. After you do that, you will see on the right hand side a code for "embedded". Copy this code.
    3. Then go back to blogger and open the post you want to put it into.
    3. At the top of the post, there is a compose tab and an html tab. Click the html tab.
    4. You'll see a bunch of programming jibberish. Go to the bottom and paste the code you copied from Youtube.
    5. An violia, your done.

    Hope this helps, if not, just ask again


  2. B
    Thanks a lot. so easy if you know what to do. I'm definitely not a Bill Gates when it comes to Pc's.

    Yes, learned during all previous training and injuries, better to stop when you feel it is not fatique or muscle stress but somewhere in the joints/ bones


  3. What ever your doing, keep it up. I still can't believe your 70.3 run time. I didn't see it coming based on your training times. Kudo's. Just shows what's possible when you show up to play.

  4. B
    Thanks, hope I can maintain performance. Started with strenght training last week so next few weeks gonna be hard.

  5. Loved the German outfit - suits you! And you bike like a German uberbiker - coincidence?! ;o)

  6. Keep it up dude. You will have a great race this year. Nice mustache! Maybe you should grow one...hehe

  7. Those costumes are awesome! And cool video too...guess I'll have to do that when Dana starts doing his long rides :-)