Saturday, February 6, 2010

Switching Sessions

My day started early as I had to go to the Dealership this morning. My whole plan was to do my gym session before work, then leave work at around 11am to be home by 12pm and be on my bike at 12h30. This would mean I 'll be back from my 5h30 ride at 18h00 just before dark.

Well that was the plan. I don't know why but in my mind I thought the gym open at 5am on Saturday. I arrived at the gym at 5h30 only to be shown by the lady at reception through the door that they open at 6am.

I drove back home (only a 5 minute drive) and prepared my bike and bottles for this afternoons ride. I was back at the Gym at five to six but the lady just sat at reception with the door closed. 6am is 6am???? At least she gave me the opportunity to watch the sun rise, something I haven't seen in a while or at least not when I am not on the move.

As I was pressed for time I did my gym session the way Bryan Payne does his. Instead of resting between the two sets of 15 reps I moved to the next machine and started with that specific exercise. This way I was basically doing two different exercises at the same time. Normally it takes me about 1h10 to finish my gym session, this morning I was done in 53 minutes.

I rushed through my breakfast and was going a little faster than usually on my 105km journey to work but I was there just after 8am. No time for fooling around and I started working immediately.

I was so busy at work and with all the people coming to have a look at the new VW Polo I couldn't even finish all my admin I usually leave to do on a Saturday. Before I knew it 11am was something of the past. Eventually I only left the dealership at 12h30. I knew it was now too late to do my bike ride outside and on my way back home I was thinking of doing my bike indoors but 5h30 is so hard indoors. I decided to switch my sessions and do my long run today and my bike tomorrow, not something I like as it leaves me so tired on a Monday if I do my long bike on a Sunday but I had no choice.

When I arrived home I had something small to eat and started my 2h40 run at 2pm. As soon as I started I knew it was not going to be easy and I could feel my legs were still tired of this mornings weight session. The spark I had last week on my long run was no where to be found.

With about a half hour to go it started raining but I didn't mind as I was so tired and the cool rain was so nice. It was also a perfect test for me to see if my feet will be fine with a lot of water pouring down while I was running without socks. The rain was just enough to cool me off and make me wet and it stopped raining just before I finished.

I am glad to say I had no issues and I am now satisfied to run without socks in my Newtons. I did carry a pair of socks in a plastic zip bag just in case but I am glad to say I didn't have to use it.

I am still sticking to the 10 minute run/ 30 seconds walk technique. Today was one of those day where I can't really judge the technique as my legs were shot from the weights but I could still manage a 5:13 min/km pace. Slower than last week but I'm happy.

When I finished my run I was so tired I just layed down on the floor in our bedroom and recovered before I got going . If it wasn't for Eddy (Mr. Busy Body) I would have been laying there for a hour but he thought I wanted to play and was all over me.

My plan is to do my swim workout before Church tomorrow and then do my bike session after Church, this way I will be done by 16h30 and be home before dark. Just hope there is no rain tomorrow as I don't mind running in the rain but cycling in the rain can become a bit dangerous especially with all the Mining Trucks in and around Witbank.

Today's Training:

Gym: 53 minutes, 518kcal

Run: 2h40, 30.6km, 5:13min/km, 140bpm, 2531kcal, 89rpm(cadence).


  1. I dislike switching sessions as well, but it is better than not getting them done. I am jealous of riding outside - we are supposed to get 15cm of snow tonight and tomorrow. My bike hasn't been ridden outside since October!

    Love the picture of Eddie checking on you, while you were laying on the floor. Anytime I do core work, our dogs have to come check on me, bring me toys.


  2. Eme
    Yes it is nice to train in summer. did my previous IM during winter training -not nice. Eddy is so cute but somedays I wanna strangle him