Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day, my way

Today was Fathers Day and everybody celebrate it differently. Some have family gatherings, others go out for Lunch or Dinner, well I celebrated it by going out and doing an Off Road Duathlon.

When the alarm went off this morning at 5am I was questioning my decision. Waking up so early on one of the few days I can sleep late wasn't nice. The event was just under two hours drive and we got going just before 7am. Before we left home DJ gave me a Fathers Day present, picture above. It was a box of chocolate Nutties, a scrap booking thing of me and her and a card with some touching words inside.

Funny that the card she chose was of a Chimpanzee on the cover and the medal I received today had a Baboon on it. I do get the message, haha

DJ and Kim came along which was, I guess their Fathers Day present to me. Showing me what they will do for me, getting up on a Sunday morning at 5am, Thanks Girls.

This was only going to be my second off road Duathlon and the first one in more than four years. I am not big on Mountain Biking and thus Off Road Duathlon/Triathlon races. The reason is I don't like falling and the odds are much bigger on a Mountain Bike than on my TT bike.

The running wasn't my concern but the Mountain Biking got me a little nervous. It was a 5km run a 20km Mountain bike and then a 2.5km run again.

For this time of the year/season the distance was just perfect, just enough to get you tired but not long enough to kill you.

The run started of well and I managed to do the first 5km run in just over 19 minutes. I was happy when I saw the time, seeing that it was off road and I was running with my normal road running shoes. I was slipping a lot especially on the loose gravel
I still wanted to buy me some Trial running shoes but never got to it and when I woke up to do it Wednesday during the public holiday I knew it was too late. Running your first race in brand new shoes, off road- not a good idea.
I managed to end the first run leg in second place overall but knew that I won't be able to maintain that position on the bike.

Within the first 5km the first guy passed me and by the 10km mark I was in 5th place. I could maintain my distance to the 4th place guy. It was a YoYo effect, as I would catch him on the dirt roads but as soon as we hit the technical part of the course he will pull away.

Eventually we came in side by side into T2 as the last 2km of the bike was a very fast dirt road without any hills or turns and I could reel him inn.

Transition times in off road racing is much slower than in road Tri's. I eventually got going on the second run and could feel immediately that I won't maintain a sub 4min/km pace on this run.

I did manage to do the second 2.5km run in just over 11 minutes.
Overall I'm happy with my result and with the day but I won't change Ironman racing for Off Road racing soon. Not my type of thing. I finished first in my age group and fifth overall, I even received R400 prize money for my 1st place.

When we arrived home, the day training/racing wise wasn't over. I still had a 1h30 recovery ride to do. It was a low heart rate, low watts ride on the Computrainer just to get rid of the Lactic Acid in my legs. All part of my new program with CTS.

Was the first time ever I did a recovery ride after a race, usually my recovery after a race is some Food and Beer.

Mini Man Off Road Duathlon result
5km run: 19:05
20km bike: 48:22
2.5km run: 11:16
Total: 1h19
1st in age group 40-49
4th overall Individual
5th Overall, including teams


  1. Great job. Congrats on the race and the result. Unbelievable first 5 km run.


  2. Well done! Great performance overall!

    My father's day started with a 14.3km trail race at Thaba Nkwe (Hekpoort).

  3. That is awesome! Congrats! Great way to spend the day! Happy Father's Day (late!)

  4. Johan = machine. Well done! And happy father's day.

  5. Hi Johan,
    Great blog!
    I'm a Brazilian living in Argentina but moving to Pretoria in january or february 2011. I'm really excited about this, and also quite happy to see how big triathlon seems to be in South Africa (very much like here or Brazil).
    I'm probably not arriving before Ironman 70.3 in Buffalo City (1/23), so I would ask you if you can suggest me other nice Half Ironman distance races that will occur between january and april, since I would definetely like to finish in your country the season I will have begun at this side of the Atlantic Ocean (probably in Montevideo, 11/15) ;-)
    Thanks a lot and hope we can meet in a race!
    Carlos (

  6. B
    Thanks, yes surprised myself with running times.

    Thanks, hope your race also went well

    Thanks appreciate it

    Thanks, happy fathersday to you too


    That's great news I will send you an email about races