Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Size Fits All(Not)

For those following me on Twitter you will know this already but if you haven't heard I've decided not to do the Kremetart 175km bike race today. The problem is not the fitness level or logistical issues but me being a short ass and not being able to fit on the bike I borrowed.

When I looked at the bike it seemed Ok but when I got onto it, it was like this 6 year old trying to ride a 12 year old child's bike. The bike was just too big for me and even with a lowered seat post the whole frame was just not working.

Although disappointed I decided not to race as 175km can be far if you have the right equipment and I don't want to try it using stuff that will make every km unpleasant.

Luckily it's not an "A" race but just one I've been looking at for the past three years. Next year must be the year that I do it.

Well World Cup Soccer is here and as all the TV and Radio stations promotes it with the punch line "Can you feel it" I can definitely feel it.

I am amazed at some people who just aren't interested in it. You don't have to be a soccer lover to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. As I explained to DJ this week it is really a once in a lifetime experience and we, well definitely me won't see another Soccer World Cup tournament in South Africa.

So if you are still thinking soccer is not for you, change your attitude. It is about the whole atmosphere and enjoying the moment. The opening concert is Thursday and me and Kim are attending it at Orlando Stadium and I am really looking forward to seeing the Black Eyed Peas. Then on Monday we are going to watch Netherlands against Denmark.

For the next month don't be surprised if there is some soccer news in every post I write on the blog.

A lot of cars have these flags of the different countries they support attached to their windows. Kim is also one of them and have the South African flag on her car. We also fitted these mirror covers on my mothers car and we had a great laugh about it.

My mother drove to the shops without realizing that her mirrors have been covered. When she finished shopping she saw it and thought who is this idiot who put the covers on her car without asking her and maybe someone can blame her for stealing it. She removed them so fast but after we told her it was us, she is cool with it and is driving around with her South African mirror covers

On the training side I had a mixed week as I was obviously disappointed in not doing the race anymore and since Wednesday I was training but lacked the motivation which was building up in me before the race.

I decided to take the mountain bike today and just do a relaxed session and clear my mind. Kim said I must take the P4 if I wanna go out as I am gonna fall with the MTB. I assured her that it is gonna be an easy ride and I won't fall. The picture above is only 10 minutes away from our house and then you are in the veld. The neighbourhood we are living in is to the left in the picture.

Well the official explanation is I scratched myself against a bush, but the unofficial story is I had a little tumble when I was going over a rocky section. Lucky for me it was at slow speed and more of a slide than a fall.

The picture right at the top is where I took a little tumble.

I received my training plan for the coming week and I was too quick to say I love this new plan where I don't train on Mondays. This week the intensity is getting higher and gone are the days of no training on a Monday. Some of you have asked me about my new training plan with CTS regarding the schedules, intensity and in general how does it compare to MAO.

Well to be honest I can't say it is too soon but I am still learning about my new way of training with CTS but I will keep you posted as I learn more. At first I thought that the intensity is less than with MAO but after I saw my training schedule for this week I think my coach are just easing me into the new training plan. It is very focused and specific and with my next race being a Duathlon in two weeks there is a lot of biking and running this week.

Some more pictures of my MTB trip today.
Must post this picture but it is of the Eisbein I had today. One of the schools in Springs had a Carnival today and there was a German stall which was selling Eisbeins. I had to buy one and had it after my bike ride with some Sauerkraut I keep in the fridge (my favourite meal)
And I don't think Eddy mind, he got the bone which kept him bust for hours.


  1. Awww Eddie! Glad that you didn't get hurt on your bike wreck. I mean when you scratched yourself against that bush! :)

  2. Psyyyyyyyyyyched for the World Cup ... US / England opening match!!! I like our chances, we have a great gumper (Minnesota talk for Goaltender) Definitely post a review of the BEP show! that should be great!

  3. Great photo's. If you would have put eddy's photo above the chicken photo and I hadn't read the blog, I would have thought you were eating eddy. haha.

    World Cup, awesome!!!! We aren't big into Soccer, but love watching the world cup. Can hardly wait.


  4. Derek
    Yes just got a feelimg US gonna stung England
    haha just got a feeling, will post some pics of concert

  5. B
    yes World cup is big, so excited to experience it, Oh btw it was Eisbein not Chicken.