Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What an experience!

World Cup soccer is now in full swing and despite all the reports from some journalist abroad, that the tournament is going to be a disaster and South Africa aren't ready to host it, Everything is going just well.

We attended the match on Monday between Netherland (Kim's team) and Denmark at Soccer City. It was just unbelievable and the stadium is amazing. As good as it look from the outside it is even better inside.

One thing that immediately caught my eye was how clean everything is inside, from the stands to the toilets, and everybody was in such a good spirit, no pushing, shoving and aggressive behaviour.

On our way to the match and DJ giving it her all on the Vuvuzela.

The game started at 13h30 and we left Witbank just after 9am. We arrived at the stadium at 11am and was inside at 12pm. There was some traffic and parking issues but nothing serious.

Some South African supporter with his head gear.

DJ was just amazed by all the people and the size of Soccer City. She just could not stop staring at all the supporters that dress up in their countries colours. The atmosphere is just amazing and I can't describe it.

Our seats weren't the best as we sat right behind the goal posts and only six rows from the front making it a bit difficult to follow the game when it was played across the pitch. Luckily they had two big TV screens on which we could follow. Kim thought I chose the seats but it gets allocated to you when I applied for the tickets.

One thing FIFA also make sure of is that it will cost a South African citizen a LOT if you want to get drunk during a match. Soft drinks cost R15($2) a bottle but Beer is R30 (about $4) a bottle. And then it is also Budweiser, not my favourite. Why aren't Coors or Stella the official beer sponsor?

Zakumi the official mascot.

Even the industrial tower was wrapped with a World Cup Soccer Logo.

Lot of photos being taken during each match.

And still blowing.

One Happy and satisfied family on our way home.

Getting home wasn't as bad as everyone describes. We took the Park and Walk option instead of the Park and Ride option where they transport you with buses to the stadium. We parked about a kilometer from the stadium and walking towards the stadium was great fun.

It took us about and hour to get out of the stadium and onto the highway and well clear of any traffic, which I think isn't that bad considering there were just over 83 000 people attending.

Training wise I am having an easier week as I am doing a Duathlon on Sunday. It is not a major race and is a sprint distance event. Just something to keep me busy.

My coach did get back to me regarding my position on the bike after she studied the video. On her advice I moved my seat 1cm back and 1cm up for a start. I could not believe what a difference such a small adjustment makes when I did my power interval session this afternoon.

I could manage the same power as end of last week but at a much lesser intensity. I am also pedaling much "smoother". I am super excited about the progress coming on the bike.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for posting the pictures, it sounds a bit like the Olympics in Canada, amazing spirit of people coming together and just having fun. Do you get to go to anymore matches? I would root for Denmark because my grandfather is from there but I hear we did not do well against Kim's team. I hope it was an exciting game at least.

  2. Lekker my broer! I am waiting to here from my cousins in CT on whether they picked up the tickets for the 3rd/4th place match in PE. I’m flying from Toronto into CT the night before the game and would still have a long drive out to PE…but I would LOVE to experience the magic that you’ve captured in this post!

  3. Oh yeah, and Budweiser DOES SUCK. I agree.

  4. Wow, that is so awesome. I have been watching, but I wish I could be there with you!

    All sporting events make you pay a lot to get drunk and offer Budweiser or Bud light. I am with you on the Stella or Coors.

  5. As a Canadian who was told that our country was hosting a disaster during the Olympics, I have discovered that the press are idiots! anything to try and derail an awesome thing! great to hear that it was such a cool experience. enjoy the tournament!

  6. I've been enjoying the Worl Cup coverage I get in the US, regardless of who's palying. I find the Vuvuzuelas to be hypnotic! It's awesome that you saw a match. They always include some SA music along with the coverage, which is some of my favorite music.

  7. What a colorful and amazing tournament you guys have goin on! Our Gumper came thru as advertised game 1...lets see about tomorrow!

  8. Awesome, keep the World Cup updates coming - love the photos.

    Please stop improving on the bike though - one day we're gonna go head to head and I can tell you watching your a$$ disappearing down the rode isn't gonna be a pretty sight for more than one reason.

  9. Adena
    Thanks it was great fun. No I only bought tickets for one match to ecperience it unless I get an invite from a company.

    Safe journey and enjoy the match, must be excited to come visit SA

    yes Kim do enjoy it but I am not a big fan of Bud

    Yes it is super exciting, agree on the beer

    Yes I guess the media need to write anything that can sell the paper.Thanks will enjoy it, it's just awesome

    Yes it's just bryan who does not like the Vuvuzelas. At least I found something that irritates him haha

    Yes good comeback tonight from your team against Slovenia

    Thanks yes it is just amazing. Need to play cacth up on the bike as allways after the swim haha