Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back at it

Well after taking a little break from blogging and twittering I'm back.

The funny season is also over and things start to normalize again at work and training wise. We've spend some time at our Holiday Flat down at the South Coast during the first week of January, with me traveling between work and vacation.
Kim and DJ had some Mother/Daughter bonding time for three and a half days with me going back to work before I joined them again.

I guess the knee surgery and the idea of not being able to run got to me and I did no training whatsoever during the first week of 2011 and probably the reason I haven't blogged lately.

Was also not that pleasant to push the enter button on the PC on the 30th of December, sending an email to Ironman New Zealand race organizers, requesting a refund on my IM entry. It was the day before the deadline to still get some respectable refund on my entry fee.

My mind wanted to do the race but eventually my body convinced my mind that it's not gonna happen. My only reason entering IMNZ was to get a Kona slot and with my running below par I knew it wouldn't happen.

I can only start running towards the end of January and the race is March 5, not possible. Don't wanna spend a fortune traveling halfway round the world, just to finish. Maybe next year!

Well after taking a whole week off I think I've found my Mojo again and let's see if I can be race ready for IM South Africa April 10. Know it's gonna be tight but I'm ready to give it a go.
DJ with the puzzle she and Kim finished during the three rainy days down at the coast.


  1. Welcome back, we've missed you but I'm happy to hear you've been having a great time with the family. April will be here in no time!

  2. J, glad to hear you're feeling better and more motivated. I can feel it in your writing as well. Good move on the NZ refund.

    The one awesome thing is you DID qualify for Kona once and know you can do it. If the knee never gets better enough for you to qualify again, who cares, you did it and you know you could do it again if all your parts were working.

    If things don't improve, the goals just have to change. No biggy, so long as you don't go back to being a PFG and you have a loving family what more do you need?


  3. welcome back! glad you had great vaca time with the family...and solid approach toward training and racing so soon after surgery.

  4. Ironman China my friend, Ironman China. Another certain blogger/twitterer that we both know very well is thinking about doing it again but I shan't mention his name as he hasn't told his wife yet.

    May 29th - come on dude, it'll be awesome. And if you come I guarantee the other unnamed party will attend. Maybe.

  5. Welcome back! Sounds like the right decision for IMNZ, even though it was a tough one. Sounds like you are getting your mojo back. Great pictures of the fam!