Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Proud Daddy Moment

To some of you this may be old news as I posted a message on Twitter earlier but we are so happy. DJ's been elected Head Girl at her school for 2011.

She is so happy and can't stop smiling but I told her now the hard work begins and everyone will look at her with hawk eyes to see if she step out of line in any sort of way.
Training wise I am really happy with the running even thou my legs muscles hurt from the running but most importantly the knee is 100%. Amazing how quickly you can loose that muscle strength you get from running even when you do bike training.

Training on the bike's been hard on the mind lately with all of my training being done on the Computrainer with all the rain we're having. Really challenging riding indoors during Summer, just doesn't feel right.

Took these pictures of Eddy and Dolly while I was watching TV and you can just see the different personalities. Guess who's the "busy body, can't get enough" type and who's the calm easy going dreamer.

Saw something very funny on my way to work. This women passed me on the Highway and she started throwing paper out of the window after tearing it up. I kept my distance and could see exactly when she's tearing it up as her car would drift almost off the road and then you'll just see papers flying out of the window. This routine happened about five to six times.

Wonder what she's trying to hide from whom!!!! (Bit difficult but you can see the small paper pieces right in front of me on the highway)


  1. wow I wanna know what she was tearing up, but I'm nosy.

    Congratulations to DJ, that's great news Johan.

    Both dogs are adorable!

  2. Congrats to DJ!!

    And the Eddie/Dolly pictures show their personalities so well!! My Bailey is more like Dolly.

  3. J, so happy for you about the knee. Congrats to DJ. Fantastic.