Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just be Yourself

DJ returned from her school camp earlier today and she kept us busy for a good hour telling us about the camp. It was a school camp for all the newly elected leaders of the school for this year to identify the head and deputy boy and girl for this coming year.

I may be wrong but I told her before the camp that leaders are born and you can't pretend to be one. If it's within you to lead, guide and inspire, it comes naturally and it's not a switch that you switch on whenever you need to be one.

She told me that's just what she did, being herself and was amazed at one or two of the children that where totally the opposite at the camp than what they are at school.

With all this we started talking about my school years and after digging out my final school year uniform and showed it to her, I looked at the size and thought, "Hey this might still fit me" after 23 years.

That was one of those "make me feel good" moments as I tried it one and it fitted. Must say it's about one size too small but it fits. Don't think too many people can still fit into their school uniform after so many years.

Coincidence that my high school uniform and DJ's uniform looks almost identical apart from me not being that big on academic awards and only have one award (for being a leader at school) on the blazer compared to all her awards.

Not my fault they didn't recognise Wrestling and Judo as a school sport back then and even being national champion meant nothing to the school. You can play for the school's first rugby or cricket team and get plenty of recognition but not for being the best in your country. Something I still don't understand.

Training wise I can't wait for tomorrow. It will be my first running session in more than seven weeks. It's been six weeks since surgery and I stopped running a week or so before I had surgery. Must say my knee is feeling very good.

I think the gym work the last coupe of weeks and working hard on the bike might have help. It's only a 30 minute easy run but hey it's a run.

One BIG advantage of my mother's house being on our property and baking cakes almost daily for people ordering from her is I can just send through the request and consider it done.

After lunch today I had this urge for something sweet and asked my mother if she can't bake us something small (still need to look at the weight). Before I knew it nine freshly baked Cupcakes arrived, some vanilla and some chocolate.
OK, the picture only have six but we've already started enjoying them.


  1. Good luck with the running - slowly slowly catch a monkey! Don't rush it dude, you just need to get ready for Ironman China and that's still months away.

  2. I love the small cup cakes...I would eat all 8 of them though...

    Start up slowly, easy on that knee.

    YAY for DJ. Sounds like she is a born leader. Great advice Dad, and that is cool your stuff still fits from high school.

  3. Cupcakes!! Love the picture of you and DJ in your school jackets, very posh.

  4. Loved the uniform, very cool that it fits. Love that you now have a bakery on the property. haha.