Sunday, April 17, 2011

SIU Season

Well, the Suck It Up (SIU) season is fast approaching and no matter what you do everything is so much harder in Winter.

We don't live in the most beautiful part of the country but during Winter it is even worse. The little green we have just die and turns grey, making all the Mine Dumps and factories even more horrible to look at.

With Winter comes the mist and boy did I have a challenging day or two driving the odd 100km to work. It wasn't much better coming home as we had a lot of rain this week.Also not nice if they move mining equipment during the time of the day when most people knock off from work.

Training wise it was also a real challenge this week either running in the rain or biking indoor. May sound funny but I rather run in the rain than do an indoor bike session. Those sessions are more demanding on the mind than on the body.

Well it is just one of those things and one must just SIU, as they say if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger.

Yesterday was my sister's kitchen tea and from what I hear it was quite nice. Less than three weeks now to the big day.
Got myself an IPad yesterday and before I could even get it probably set up and running, DJ has taken ownership of it. I can see a lot of arguments and negotiations coming between me and her.Also went to fetch my road bike and mountain bike yesterday morning as they were long overdue for some TLC. DJ decided to join me collecting them at CycleTech, almost a Two hour drive. With the cold weather and rain it wasn't long before I had one very silent passenger.

Training wise I am slowly making progress and even the scale is starting to point in the right direction. Said it in the previous post but going to repeat myself, one thing I am really happy about is my running and the progress I'm making.

Did just short of 40km running this week but what's more encouraging is I can now maintain a sub 5min/km pace much easier.

Funny thing but after my previous knee op, three years ago my running improved afterwards and I see the same thing happening now. Probably all in the mind but it feels definitely if I am running faster. Maybe just the forced break I had to take, giving my body and mind some rest and new motivation to improve.


  1. Thats a crazy fog. Looks like we are in the same spot right now weather wise. Hopefully in 3 weeks it will be all warm for me.

  2. SIU Season indeed! If you can survive winter training, it'll put you ahead of 95% of the field. Remembering that most of your competitors are sleeping is the best incentive to get out and train. Vasbyt.

  3. Two hour drive to the bike shop. Man that is NOT fun!

    Glad things are on the up and up for you and going well. Signs of progress are always morale boosters.

    Keep up the good work!