Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take 2

Well, almost a month ago I said I'm getting back into blogging but sad to say that never happened

While I'm writing this I am watching IM South Africa online and I am sad and disappointed that I am not participating this year. The way I feel today I'm thinking why did I ever have the knee opp. immediately. Maybe I should have pushed through to have it after IMSA.

Maybe it's just the motivation I needed to watch from the sideline one year, just to appreciate the fact that making it to an IM is such a privilege, no matter what the finish time says.

Well, I think I've got my Mojo back as well as my speed. My last two running sessions felt great and although the heart rate is still very high, the speed is back(my speed).

Wednesday I did 10x2min fartleks and I could maintain a sub 3:30min/km pace on almost all the intervals and today I did 3x15minutes at sub 4:20 pace with 10 minute recoveries at 5min/km.

Glad to say I could keep the pace for all of the intervals but most importantly I didn't have the knee pain after running 1 hour plus.

Family wise it is going great and below are some picture of DJ during last week's dance competition at Sun City. It was a big event with over 1300 dancers competing.

She got a 2nd place in her age group in the couples section and a 3rd in Freestyle and a 5th in slow dance. Unfortunately in the small group section they didn't make the podium but got a 5th place with their African Soccer routine.

It was the first competition that the small group(7) participated in and their next event is on the 15th of May, hopefully after getting to know each other better and with lots of training they can improve on that. Rehearsal time before the main event

We stayed at this lodge and for once having the same name and surname as a famous TV presenter and singer in South Africa brought us some luck. Attached to the online booking printout at the lodge I saw an email from the booking agent saying that they must treat us with special care and look after us as I am a celebrity.

Asked DJ to show me one of those jumps of her at the end of the competition day when we got back to the lodge. Wish I could jump this high and be this flexible

Saw this banner outside the lodge but didn't have time to go and say hallo to Stoffel and Mathilda.Having some fun leaving the lodge

This statue was at the Spa entrance at the lodge, weird!

Sunrise as we drove out.

Now let's see if I can get back to my usual routine of blogging and training, only time will tell.


  1. That is insane the flexibility DJ has. Great interval speed, 3:30's? wow.

  2. good to hear from you again! was thinking of you today seeing the IM S.A tracker site up

    agree the time off will help your appreciation and hunger toward racing again - great news no knee pain!


  3. Wow, three pieces of "International Breaking News, 1) A South African wins IMSA again, 2) a South African wins the Masters again and 3) Tri-Stemmet is not only back blogging but running at blistering speed again.