Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding's around the corner

With less than four weeks to go to my sisters wedding things are really hectic around the house. Although I'm not directly involved in all the planning and doing of things, I can feel every bit of action/tension that goes with the wedding.

The wedding invitation was really special and something else. Instead of the normal invitation, they made a DVD inviting everyone and packaged it in a card with the details and some photos of them together.

I am really looking forward to it and it will be a special moment for me, standing in for my late Dad to walk my sister down the isle.

Training wise I am getting stronger by the day. I am so happy that my running is without any hick ups but at the same time I am so scared what might happen during a run session and the injury starts all over again. Guess that will always be in the back of my mind. But with that said I am finally feeling ready to start doing some races.

With Winter approaching fast and Triathlon season almost over it's now time to focus on some Duathlons and some Running and Cycling events. My "A" race for 2011, seeing that I didn't do any racing beginning of the year will be actually at the start of the 2011/2012 season.

Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship in Phuket on the 4th of December will be the race I build towards during 2011 and also be the start of my 2012 season. As I said before, the race will be a combination of DJ's birthday on the 25th of November and Kim's birthday on the 5th of December.

No complaints from them going to Phuket for their Birthdays and me doing an IM70.3 in between, everybody happy!

Before then I'll do a lot of short distance racing and throwing in some races just for the fun.

Racing schedule for the next month or two look something like this:

27 April: 17km Trail Run

29 May: Off road Duathlon

4 June: 175km one day stage bike road race

5 June: 40km Mountain bike race

Tuesday Training:

Run: 45min, 9.6km

Bike: 1hr, 32km (Did IM Lake Placid on Computrainer. Can't wait to do the full course on CT or maybe in real life. Feels like a really nice course)

Wednesday Training:

Gym session


  1. Luv the mix of mountain biking in that schedule!

    The last half of the IMLP course loop is where the fun begins!

  2. Don't do IMLP next year, I want to join you and I'm doing Challenge Roth next year. Anytime after that, let me know, I'm in with yah.