Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good to be Back

When family and friends start asking why you don't blog anymore and you're excuse is "I'm too busy" you know you need to get back at it. Especially if you're the one telling everybody who say they don't have time to train, that you need to make time.

Well I need to make time to blog again. The last few months were just hectic and what I thought would be a "normal" racing season turned out to be just insane.

Apart from work that kept me busy we decided to move to Trichardt, the town I work in and put the house on the market in Witbank. Traveling everyday more than 100km's one way to work is not easy and "wasting" more than 2 hours a day on the road is not very productive. Having the house up for sale has put some extra strain on me.

Well things didn't work out as we planned and after two serious buyers pulled out and we reached the end of 2011, we are not moving anymore.

Don't want to rent property and get someone to rent ours. We've done that some time ago with one of our properties and it was a disaster. We also don't want DJ to be worrying what will happen.

The whole idea of moving at year end was to give DJ a smooth transition from primary to high school. Instead we have now enrolled her at Curro Private school in Witbank to begin her high school career. While I'm talking about DJ, just need to share this with you.

At the Merit awards evening of her school beginning of November, DJ made us so proud. She was named best Academic learner, Most versatile learner and most promising Hockey player of the year and also received the subject prizes in eight of the nine subject for the learner with the highest grade mark. she also received the prize for best Revue learner.

Below is a picture of her with all her trophies just as we got home after the awards. Her average for the year in all of her nine subjects was 90% with her best subject being Social Science with an average of 98% and her lowest grade was 84% for EBW.

Therefor I am biting the bullet and will still travel next year, the house is still in the market but we will wait patiently and what happens happen. I've done my 20 hours plus training in the past and was traveling then so it is just a case of getting back into the routine and focus again.

On the Triathlon front it is going OK. After the 5i50 race in August I did the Afriman long distance duathlon in October and finished on the podium in 3rd place in my category and 11th overall. Then it was time for the 11Global race at Sun City. It was an Olympic distance race and I missed the podium by 20sec and finished 4th in my age group.

What was encouraging is I had the best run split by almost 3minutes in my age group and my biking was on par.

My next race is Ironman70.3 South Africa on the 22 of January in East London. Didn't do the race this year due to my knee opp but looking forward to having a go at the very challenging race course.

Well enough for today, another post tomorrow about my racing schedule and plans for 2012 and also about the advantages of working with a coach.


  1. Great to hear from you. Welcome back. I'd check your blog every once and a while to see if you were back. Congrats to DJ. Great work. She definitely takes after her mother, no doubt. hahaha.

    Sucks about the house and that's a lot of driving everyday, wow. Most people have trouble being able to find 1 hrs a day to train, you drive 2 hours, plus train. It's a good thing you don't work to hard or you might burn out. haha.

    Welcome back bro...


  2. Hey!! Welcome back! :)

    Congrats to DJ, that is so awesome!!

    It sucks to commute that far!! UGH.

    Completely random, but I just started working for a company based in South Africa and thought of you when I was doing my interview. The company is SAPPI (South African Pulp and Paper International) and I thought it was funny that a company based in SA had 2 mills and a couple of hundred employees in Maine, USA. I didn't look into what SAPPI stood for until I applied! ha

  3. PS I thought it was funny because not many companies based in the USA invest in Maine. :)

  4. Hey welcome back! Congrats to DJ for bringing home some serious hardware! She needs her own trophy case now :-).

  5. I'm glad you're back!! Have missed keeping up with you and the family. Sorry about that commute, I've done it and it's terrible!