Monday, December 19, 2011

So much for a Race Schedule

Should have known, as soon as I "plan" my race schedule for 2012 I get an email informing me that our company's annual management conference is the same weekend as the Prestige Ultra in February, so much for planning your races three months ahead.

Above is the Garmin Connect download of my run on Thursday, one of those runs where it just felt great and the longer into the run the more comfortable I felt.

Even thou I'm right in the middle of the Holiday season I am enjoying my training and to be honest it's been a while since I've been this committed to training. Think I found some Mojo going into the new season building towards IMSA 2012.

One of the reasons may be that I am taking two weeks leave during the first two weeks of January. We are going down to KZN to our holiday flat, just as all the holiday people return to the inland.

Spoke to my coach and we are going to bump up the training intensity and have a mini Training Camp just before IM70.3 during my two week holiday down at the coast. Running and Biking is sorted, just need a swim coach to help me with my technique. Really looking forward to some serious training and where I don't have to start at 4am to be done before going to work.

Training from last week looked something like this, no high volume but heavy interval/intensity stuff:
Monday: Run-1h00, Swim 2000m
Tuesday: Bike 1h30
Wednesday: Swim 2000m
Thursday: Run 1h30
Friday: Bike 1h30
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Brick 4hr (3hr Bike, 1hr Run) Swim: 1 hour

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