Thursday, July 2, 2009

100 days to Kona

Today it is exactly 100 days to go before it is the big day. 100 days sound like a long time but before one realize it will be gone.

The week was 100% spot on with my training until Wednesday, and from their it is all downhill. I've pick up Bronchitis and as I sit here I struggle to breath. I can't believe it, Tuesday I was still 100% and training sessions were spot on. Tuesday night I started feeling bad and by Wednesday morning I was coughing very badly and just could not breath easily. I decided to go and see the doctor immediately and luckily the lady at reception could help me early in the morning.

The doctor said I have Bronchitis and must stop training for a week. I first thought that I am not feeling so bad I will be ready for my long rides and run during the weekend but the way I am feeling now I will definitely be taking the week off. All my stomach and back muscles are so sore from all the coughing, it hurt so much if I cough. If I am not better by tomorrow I need to go back to the doctor as I don't feel any improvement since yesterday and with all the medicine I am taking, surely there must be some improvement.

I am really disappointed as my training has really started to fall in place. I've seen in the past if I get sick I must go back and see what did I do a week ago, because that's the time it takes to get me down. Yip last Wednesday I did that 20 minute swim in 17c water whereby I had to get out so cold was the water at the Gym and was shivering the whole night.

I also received news from the bike shop that the Cervelo P4 has now been delayed until next Tuesday. It is apparently at customs in Johannesburg and they are waiting for clearance. It seems that this bike episode keeps on being dragged out. I did make a big scene and said to them if I don't have it by Tuesday I don't want it anymore and want my deposit back with interest.
Can't believe it takes longer to get a bike than to "produce" a human being. It's been now more than 9 months!. It is really starting to piss me off.


  1. J, I hope you get better, that's a bummer and the bike problem sucks. You still want the bike though, I've seen one and they are SWEET looking, but I can understand your Frustration.

    Rest and get well.


  2. Hi B
    thanks I am really frustrated being sick and not be able to train and with the bike issue.
    But hopefully everything will be better next week