Monday, July 13, 2009

So Long Suzie

Well I guess it's time to say Goodbye to Suzie( My P3) that served me so well during the past three years. I dropped it off at Cycle Tech, the bike shop where I bought it and who is also building the new baby(P4). I dropped the bike off last week Thursday and knew I would not see the bike again but today it became official as the new owner confirmed he is taking it.

I wish I could keep it just for a spare bike but I can't keep all my bikes, Kim will not be happy and it also helps getting a good price for it. When I look at this picture I can still remember when I got it new, stock standard. Over the years I gave it a face lift or two.

First it was a proper saddle, then I upgraded the brakes to Dura Ace and later the group set. After that it was the handle bar and then the Wheels, first it was Zipp 808's and then later 1080"s. Some Rotor Cranks rings, Speedplay Zero Pedals and then came all the triathlon gadgets.
When I calculate all these upgrades it's amazing what you spend on your sport, SHOCKING.

It's amazing when I think back of all the memories with it. Apart from the thousands of training kilometers it helped me finish 3 Ironman's and 5 Half Ironman's. It also helped when I received my national colours for Duathlon and even visited Hungary when we attended the World Duathlon Champs. When I finished IM this year I said that this was it and thought that I will get my new bike sooner but with the delay of the P4 there was one competition ride for old time sake. With the Mpumalanga(Provincial) Time Trial championship only 3 weeks after IM and with not being on the bike for 2 weeks she did not disappoint and we came in 1st in the 35-39 age group.

At least I am keeping the USE1 handle bar and the Zipp 1080 Wheels, to remind me of the old bike. I am also rigging the new bike with a Sram group set.

Now a new era starts with the P4 and new memories will soon be there, but Suzie will never be forgotten.

So long Suzie


  1. J, I know what you mean, it's like you've lost an old friend. How did you pick the name Suzie?

  2. B
    To cut a long story short.Why the name Suzie. The name was given to the bike by my wife. Don't know if you ever had that "you spend more time on your bike than with us" conversation. As a joke one Saturday she said are you and Suzie going again and then the Bike became Suzie. Ask her why Suzie? No reason just a name that popped up in her head.
    From then it became a joke and a saying whenever I go for a ride I would say me and Suzie are going out.
    Doesn't sound that funny but it is one of those funny family moments that is difficult to describe.

  3. No, your wrong, it sounds funny.