Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost there

When doing my long run yesterday and long bike today I realized that I am still not where I was 4 weeks ago before Bronchitis got the better of me.

Being out of the office for two days to attend a conference this week also did not help with the comeback. The problem when someone else do your accommodation booking for you is you end up with nice accommodation but it was not athlete friendly. The lodge was right next to the main road between two cities and there was no way I could do my run session as planned( before I saw the location) on a busy road in the dark on Thursday morning. With the lodge not having a swimming pool or a gym I lost one and a half days of training.

Yesterday I took my bike back to Cycle Tech to fit the crank I ordered and to have a look at the seat post that keeps slipping down while I ride. I did send Cervelo an email and they said that I need to take it back to the shop where I bought it as not all the seat post are the same size and that may be the reason it is slipping. Me and Marco looked at the replacement seat post but after measuring it, it was exactly the same size as the one that I currently use. I then applied some carbon paste to the seat post and tighten it to the recommended Nm. Luckily for me it worked and the post did not slip when I did my ride today.

Coming from a 2h46 training week four weeks ago when I fell sick halfway through the week to a 0h00 the next week and picking it up to 7h45 last week, I feel satisfied to end the week with a 13h18 training week. I am so scared to push the body to hard after the few weeks of sick and maybe the conference was a good thing just to take a little mid week break.

When I rode past the Steel factory today I saw this big black smoke of something that caught fire. It was going up so high in the air that I could see the smoke from 30km away when I came back from my turn around point. One nice thing about it was it gave me some sort of idea of how far I still need to go. I was supposed to do a 5hr ride but ended up with a 4hr ride, the legs are not back yet.

Slowly but surely I am getting there and with eleven weeks to go to Kona I need not to miss any sessions.

This weeks training:
Swim: 2h42, 7km
Bike: 6h31, 199km.
Run: 2h56, 36km
Gym: 1h06.

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