Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boy oh Boy

Finally after 9 months and 22 days I took delivery of my P4 on Friday. This is by far the longest I waited for anything, not even the delivery time of Dejone took so long. But I must say it was worth the wait. First thing I put on the bike was the sticker of "Skillie" the tortoise. The bike look so nice with the minimum of decals and I am still deciding if I need to leave it that way or decorate it with the same stickers that was on the P3.

I planned to take it for a ride on Saturday but I had to go to the dealership Saturday morning and decided to do my Sunday swim session when I finished at the dealership. This way I can swim in 29c water at my work town gym and don't have to face the 17c water on Sunday at the hometown gym.

When I finished my swim I did my gym session as I could not do it Saturday morning before I had to leave for work, not that I overslept but the gym only opens 6 am on Saturdays and I had to be at the dealership at 8, just not enough time. I forgot to take my trainers along and only had my flip flops but decided I am not going to skip the session so I did my gym session with flip flops. The instructors didn't say anything but as I left I saw a sign that said no bare feet or flip flops allowed in weights area. Must say it is the first time this happened and it was some experience especially doing lunges.

Getting back to the swim, first time in almost three weeks and I was really surprised. My program said I had to do 4 km's and I did 3 km. I knew from the beginning I would not get to four and prepared myself for about two but was really surprised to do 3 km. I guess that is the advantage of being an average swimmer, you don't loose that much but you also don't go that fast. The session had 30x100m as the main set and I did 20x100 and my time was only between 6 and 8 second per 100m slower than usual.
Early this morning before Church I did a 1 hour tempo run and could get back to a sub 5 min/km pace. Not where it's suppose to be but felt much better than Fridays run and no more coughing.
After Church it was time to take the P4 on its maiden ride. My long ride was suppose to be 4h45 but that was out of the question. First I though to do between one and two hours but two hours became three which then became four. The bike is SO fast and it feels if it is a softer ride than the P3. Don't know if it was just because I wasn't on a bike in three weeks. Will do some more mileage before I give a full report. One thing I can say is that it is definitely faster, even with a strong wind today. The cycling is definitely the discipline where I feel I have lost the most due to the Bronchitis.

Dejone asked me on Friday what's the new bikes name and I said it hasn't got a name yet. She said why don't you call it Samantha. Ask her why Samantha and she said she just saw the name on TV. Kim said it is to long and suggested "Baby", said to her Baby is not a name. Any suggestions?

Yesterdays training:
Swim: 1h07, 3 km
Gym: 1h04

Today's training:
Run: 1h03, 13 km, 4:53 m/km, 142 bpm, 987 kcal
Bike: 4 h01, 115.2 km, 137 bpm, 28.8 km/h, 3525 kcal.


  1. J, what type of water bottle holders do you use?

  2. Keep up good work dude. Inspirational!