Saturday, November 28, 2009

DJ's Birthday Bash with a Bang

Dejone was so excited to finally have her birthday party today after a whole week of planning and organizing. She invited eight of her friends and when they heard it's gonna be an Ice Skating party everyone accepted the invite.
Kim spoke to all the parents during the week and assured them that we will be extra careful and my sister and mother are going with so there will be enough supervision. One can understand how parents feel especially with us driving 100 odd kilometers to Pretoria where the Ice Rink is.
Very early this morning DJ were out and put some balloons on our front gate if someone can't find the house. I was just laughing as she prepared everything together with Kim. There was a snack pack for the road trip for every child and they made a whole bunch of Hot Dogs for the road trip. Not to mention all the chips and cool drinks that were packed.
We stopped at a Petrol Port halfway to Pretoria for a comfort break and enjoying some snacks.
When we arrived at the Mall the energy levels and excitement were awesome. The children's eyes were just glittering and the could not contain themselves. We met the guy who booked the party and he gave us all the tickets for the skating. Must say it was easier than I thought sorting out the children with skates and it was not long before everybody was ready to start with the fun.
Below is me helping DJ getting her skates ready.
Of the nine children only two have ever been on ice before. Living in a country which doesn't have snow during the winter and in a city which doesn't have an ice rink it is understandable.

One thing that I noticed immediately is that now matter if you're a child or adult, you will always get people that wants to take on a challenge and then there are those who give up so easily. One or two just gave up immediately and quit when they couldn't get it right. Others just kept on going and falling until they could maneuvered themselves around the rink.

Gerhard, my sister and mother keeping a close eye on the children.
Kim was watching from the side and I was "helping" and keeping a close eye on the children while being on the rink. Kim said to me it is not necessary to be on the ice I can watch from the side but I guess I just wanted an excuse to be a kid for the day and play on the ice. These words from Kim would bite me later the day. It was when I was on the rink watching the children that the ice got the better of me. But what do expect if you haven't been on ice in thirty years, but more on that later.

The host from the Restaurant who organized everything was super and everything was 100%. The children enjoyed themselves so much and at one stage I was looking at the family sitting behind them and I felt sorry for them. You could see the guy just wanted to have a relaxing time with his wife and two children but our group weren't making it easy for him. They did not misbehave, they were just enjoying themselves and were a bit loud.
I just decided to leave then and let them have fun, why not is a party.

When we were done at the Mall we continued the party at our house. They were playing so rough in the pool that my mother said it felt like she was living under a waterfall with her flat being a level below the swimming pool. During the week I cranked the pools heater up to 32c, and as one child said while they were swimming "this feels like bathtub water".
I wanted to get the Jacuzzi ready during the week but decided against it, as it would have just spelled trouble with nine, 11 year old playing in a hot tub and I was scared how some children would react to very hot water. Don't want parents phoning me with complaints about sick children.
Dejone really had fun and you could see that it was one of those days that she was just relaxing and enjoying herself.
Now for the part which wasn't so much fun. As I was skating or trying to and moving around the rink to see if all the children are OK, I was building up the confidence and was improving a lot. Later on I was skating really fast and my confidence was at a very high level. I was just about to give the current figure world champion, Kim Yu-Na a call to see if she is not looking for a new partner when I was brought back to reality and brought back fast. Before I knew it I was down and almost out. A youngster came to help me and he said he was skating past me when he just suddenly heard this bang. Funny how you instinctively feel where it hurts and then I saw my whole hand was just covered in blood.
He helped me upright and took me to the medical room at the rink. Luckily they have one. The girl put a bandage on and said she thinks I need some stitches.
I didn't want to spoil DJ's party and let them continue, although I didn't go on the ice again. As soon as I felt better and could walk without looking like a guy who's been in a bar fight I walked to the pharmacy and ask the assistant to give me some antiseptic stuff and a bigger bandage.
Kim helped me in the restaurants restroom and we continued the party. I must say I was taking strain and it was really difficult to put up a smile and pretend that everything was fine.
When we arrived home I just helped getting the things ready for the kids to continue and I headed off to the Emergency section of the Hospital. Luckily I decided not to drink any alcohol as I was driving other kids around. I could see the medical staff was quite blunt when I arrived.

Probably thought I was this drunk guy who's been in a fight. I could see the doctor that saw me was not really convinced about my story. Only after talking to him for a while explaining what I do and telling him about me doing Ironman racing I could see that he was believing me and realized that I am not your average guy coming for stitches every now and again.
The doctor could not believe it when I told him that this is the first ever stitches I am getting in my life apart from my knee operation. I also gained new respect for boxers, I only had I cut and a bruise, man it must hurt if you look at those guys with there whole face full of cuts and bruises.
Must say after the Hospital staff saw that I was not your average bad guy all the staff at the Hospital were very good, from the receptionist, nurses to the doctor. The nurses and Doctor kept telling me what they are doing or what they are about to do. They also took some X-rays to see if there wasn't any other damage.
Luckily I am still in my off season for a week and don't think the cut will affect my training that much. Just thankful that it wasn't more serious. Apart from the headache and Kim giving me the "I told you so" speeches I am fine.


  1. Thankfully it is just a cut and no other damage. The 'I told you' likely hurts more than the headache?? Looks like it was a fun party for the children!

  2. Wow that looks pretty bad. Glad to hear your okay. You really took one for the team and kept going.

    The upside is it looks like DJ and her friends had a great time.

  3. John
    Thanks, yes think I'm gonna hear that for a while.

  4. Hi B
    DJ and her friends really enjoyed themselves. Had to take it for the team, could not spoil their day