Saturday, November 14, 2009

So proud of my Girl

This past week was one hectic week with a lot of meetings and functions. We had functions on three nights and I stopped counting all the meetings during the day. It seems that everybody wants to be finished with their meetings and year end functions before mid November.

Last night we attended the Revue group year end concert and Dejone performed four items. She is really a good dancer and so many people complimented her after the concert. It seems that when she goes on stage she transforms from this little girl into this super focused dancer. I particular like the Latin dance she did (photo above). The group dance routine (photo below) achieved 95% at the city school competition earlier this year and it is the first time in the schools history that a dance group receives a Diploma.

She must have her mothers talent as I can't dance to safe my life. Give me a few beers and I think I am the best dancer on the floor but dancing competition, no way. She also must have her mothers brains as she received Academic honorary colours when we attended the Schools Gala event on Thursday. This is the event where I, as chairperson of the school governing body deliver my year end speech.

During Thursday night we had a big thunder storm and Murphy's law, just before I had to deliver my speech there was a power failure. Luckily I've learned over the years when giving talks I memories bullet points and then I talk from the heart about these points. I delivered my speech in a pitch black hall only with some candles burning as decor. And as it turned out the power was restored minutes after I finished.

I am getting slowly back into my training routine and I love every minute of it. I can't believe I am saying it but it is so nice getting up at 4am again going to swim, bike or run. The new gym is really amazing and it is so nice swimming just after 4 and you don't freeze when you get into the pool. My swimming is going well and I thought that I will be struggling to get back into it but is has been good so far. I even thought of measuring the new pool as my times are equal or faster than before Kona, maybe it's the rest and recover.

I tried some Piyo ( a combination of Pilates and Yoga) at the gym today. This was the first time ever I have tried any form of Pilates or Yoga and I am definitely planning on doing more Pilates, Yoga and Piyo in future. Don't know how I have managed 4 Ironmans so far with this super stiff body.

I realized today why I am Ironman athlete and not a mountain biker, because you don't fall that often on your TT bike than on a MTB. Next weekend the local cycling club is having a mountain bike race and I decided to take my mountain out for a ride just to get into the groove. I don't know why I have a mountain bike as I only have done 1 off road Triathlon. Guess I am a Triathlon roadie as all my training is done on my TT bike.

It's amazing I have done more than 14 000 km on my TT bikes since I have my Power Tap and have never fallen. Actually I have never had a fall with a bike apart from the beginners lessons where you forget to take your foot out of the pedal when you stop. Well today I have done 30km on the mountain bike and yes I took a tumble. I was slowing down as I was going over some rocks and when I wanted to take my foot out of the pedal it was to late and down I went. Luckily it was at slow speed and one thing I learned from Judo which I did for a long time is you learn how to fall. Never stick out an arm and use your body to roll. I only have some minor rash on the side a fell on.

A BIG shout out to Bryan who is busy doing Ironman70.3 Worlds as I am writing this post. Bryan commented earlier this week that we are in parallel universes as we experience a lot of the same "things" at the same time. It's funny and something I can't describe but I really feel connected to Bryan and we have never met. I just have this feeling since Friday that things are going to be good. Up to Friday I had this terrible time during the week but I feel super confident that he will just go out and have a super time.

A big shout out to Warren who is doing the Momentum 94.7 cycle race tomorrow. This race is the second biggest in South Africa and attract almost 20 000 cyclist. Warren has really worked hard having a little set back earlier this year and I am confident that he will just do great.

Robby is also doing the 94.7 and he is raising money for charity. Well done Robby I am looking up to you for your commitment and dedication in helping others.


  1. Johan, what a way to get charged for your training! Your daughter is a dancing superstar and also does great in school. keep up your training as it seems you have some competition! Cheers

  2. J, thanks for all the support. I also feel your a kindred spirit. Your twitter updates were great, I could tell you were right into it and I was thinking of you watching when I was hammering. I envisioned you going " holy shit" is he moving. LOL. I know your a good cyclist and would appreciate a fast time. Too bad about the chain, but that's the way it goes. Mtn biking? I'm too scared to do it. I hate falling, although the upside is you don't have to worry about traffic. I'm looking forward to your race report. Try be careful.


  3. Stemmet is not only a Kona Ironman but chairperson of the school governing body! Is there nothing this man cannot do...;o) Thanks for your good wishes for the ride. I'm feeling rather smoked this week from sitting on my butt for just under 8 hours.

  4. Hi Robby
    I can believe you are smoked when riding 100km in a cow suit. great job