Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks for the Lift, Robby

For the past week and in particular today I am having some issues to deal with and going through a bit of a ruff time. What is also not helping is the fact that my formal Ironman Training for Ironman South Africa only starts on the 7th of December and I am not very good at just keeping myself busy. I need to have a target race to train for or else my training feels as if it is without purpose.

It is also not easy and very stressful to change careers after working for the same corporate company for 16 years. Working for an independent dealer and having shares in a company is nice but very stressful, especially if it is a motor dealer. The motor industry is taking a big strain currently.

Then we also got the news yesterday day my Brother-in-Law, who is living with us, is being retrenched at the end of the month. He is a security officer and the company he works for lost there contract at the company where he is on duty. They said to him that they will try and accommodate him at another location but they can't promise anything.

As I was busy dealing with all these issues I received a message from Robby Ricc to say he posted something about me on his blog.

It is amazing how things work and while I was reading the post it gave me this lift that I can describe. I am so humbled about all the kind words that Robby posted. Personally I think I am just another Ironman athlete who try to balance my work, family, training and personal life to the best of my ability but I am happy to be an inspiration to others.

What is amazing is that if you read Robby's blog you will see that he himself is a very special person being involved in a lot of things, one thereof is raising money for different charity organizations.

Thank you Robby for the post, you don't know how much it means to me and thank you for giving me a moral boost today.


  1. Nice write up from Robby. Hope things get better for you. I'm going through something similar myself. Interesting, we're in parallal universes. At least we can keep each other company. I'll post more about it when I can.

  2. I reckon it is all post-Kona blues ;o) Life throws some interesting curveballs and knocks everybody down. I think it was Rocky himself who said it best, "it's not about how many punches you can take, but whether you get up every time you get knocked down". Or something like that. Keep it rolling. RR