Monday, November 23, 2009

Planter Fasciitis is back

As a rule I don't complain about my injuries as I see it as part of the job. There is a saying that says "whatever sport you do, every sport has its injuries". I also don't like to complain about a injury as I've seen so many times in the past that people suddenly develop an injury if they don't perform well or didn't prepare well enough and want to blame it on an injury and jump on the empathy wagon.

Well I am not wanting any sympathy but my injury is back and what I don't understand is that it is in my "off season". I had Planter Fasciitis in my left foot at the beginning of the year and it was treated by Dr Philda de Jager who is based at the University of Pretoria's High performance institute. She also helped me with my ITB injury and assisted the specialist with the operation.
During the week leading up to Kona I suddenly had this pain at the bottom of my foot when I wake up in the morning and I knew it was Planter Fasciitis. I immediately took the corrective actions which I was told to do by Dr during the previous injury. It bothered me the whole week but I managed to complete the race.
The funny thing about it is that it will be so tender and sore when you wake up but as soon as you start moving and after cycling for five hours I won't feel it on the run.

Well since Kona it is becoming worse and at this stage I struggle to run and when I do, my whole running style is crooked and I can barely walk afterwards. I am scared of getting another injury as I am now running on the side of my foot not to land on my heel. Here is a link to exactly what is the cause and all the symptoms.
I decided today to phone Dr. Philda and let her have a look. I should have done this long ago but I thought by strapping it, taking anti inflammatory pills and keeping the foot straight while you sleep ( yup sleeping with a shoe) will sort it out but I was wrong. She can only see me next week Tuesday but I will rather wait a week than to go and see another Doctor. She specialize in sport injuries and work with athletes everyday.
For the mean time I will continue with the home treatment and concentrate on swimming and cycling. Maybe it's a good time to work on my swim technique. I can kick myself that I didn't go earlier as my training for IMSA starts 7 December and it is really bad to start your training block with an injury, just so demotivating.
On a positive but surprising note I got a phone call today when I was driving back home after work from the community radio station of the east rand. That is the eastern part of Johannesburg. It is called East Rand Radio. They have a sport show every afternoon and wanted to interview me on radio about my Kona experience. Think they are running out of people to interview if they want to chat to me.
I was so surprised and didn't know what to say, so I told the interviewer I am busy at the moment but he can call me tomorrow. He said no problem he will chat to me tomorrow about Ironman and my world championship experience. After I put the phone down I thought about it and really can't think of anything to say about the sport that has now become my life style. Hopefully I can think of some logical things to say that makes sense.
Dejone is also getting so excited about her birthday on Wednesday. She keeps asking me what is she getting as a present. I keep telling her that Hawaii was her present. I can see that she doesn't know if I am serious or just pulling her leg. We are taking her and some of her friends to Pretoria on Saturday for her Birthday party. There is an Ice rink and it is something she really wants to do. They have a package where you eat at a local restaurant in the mall and then have some fun on the ice. Think they will enjoy it.


  1. Boo! having an injury to start is not a bit of fun at all! I suppose it is part of your game! I am certain that with et doctor visit, your own home nursing and your hunger for the finish line, you will be running again in no time! Great news on teh radio gig! your 15 seconds of fame, I am certian you passion will have others inspired to get out and try a tri! Stay healthy and have fun!

  2. I had that same problem , so I had made up
    a pair of custom insoles for me and my problem
    was solved.

  3. J, I used to have bad ITB and Plantars. It took a long time to get rid of, but I did the following. First, I stretch at least 10 minutes after every workout except swimming and weights. When I first got the plantars. The therapist noticed my hips, yes my hips were tight and gave me some hip opening stretches. It worked. Then I found the ultimate stretch. Standing up, put on leg behind the other, keep both knees straight and try to touch the ground. Very painful for the first 6 months. But it works. Great for ITB and I found it helped with Plantars.

    I'm sure your getting all sorts of advice, so I'd throw what worked for me in there. The other thing I did was use the stick for my calfs and I think it naturally helps my plantars. Touch wood, I haven't had the problem for close to 3 years now.

    I think doing the 10 minutes of extensive stretching after every bike and run session REALLY helps. Good luck. I hope you get over it soon. I know how bad it sucks.

    For your sports show, you'll be surprised. What you take for granted about being an Ironman will be very intriguing. Simple things like diet and your getting up at 4:30 am. Yuck (I don't even know how you do that). They'll probably have to do two shows just to fit all your info in. lol.

  4. Johan & B & Anon
    Thanks for the help. I know my problem is lack of stretching but will need to put more time aside than the quick 3 min strecth.
    Will hear what Dr says next week.