Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet 16

Friday was me and Kim's 16th wedding anniversary. I know it sounds cheesy but I just can't believe it is 16 years. If I think back at all the things we've done and have been through it feels like yesterday we got married.

Kim still blame me for convincing her to get married right at the beginning of Winter. Those days I was "somewhat" heavier than today and I just couldn't see myself wearing a suit with sweat running down my body if we got married in Summer.

She says that I still owe her and one day she wants to have the wedding again but in summer, preferably on a beach. Maybe something to think about when we get to twenty years.

With Kim busy finishing some work assignments we decided to just go for a quick lunch on Sunday (today) as she was busy Friday night, the whole Saturday and Sunday morning.

We had a quick lunch at a family restaurant and no fancy romantic stuff.

On the training side it is really going well. The training is so different than what I am used to. Every workout is very specific and needs to be done in specific zones. I do a lot of biking intervals at lower rpm's than what I am used to but in a much higher wattage zone.

Today I did a 1h25 bike session and had to maintain a cadence of 70 and power output of 250-265 watts. It is so different that what I am used too, biking at 90rpm. After each session I can feel that my legs had a good workout even with my run sessions which is also a combination of fast and slow run intervals during the same training session.

This Saturday I am doing my first cycle race after Ironman SA. It is a one day 175km race but it is broken up into 4 stages throughout the day. The stages are 53km, 48km,52km and 22km long. I am just going out to enjoy it and is also doing it on a borrowed bike from my sales manager. It is a Scott aluminium frame bike with a 9 speed group set.

Going to be interesting going up the hill in Louis Trichardt with a 9 speed. One thing I've learned during the last few months is not to sell your bike if you don't have a new/replacement bike beforehand.

I sold my road bike towards the end of last year as I was looking at getting a Cervelo road bike but said to myself I will get it when I get back from Kona. Well that never happened and because I do all my Ironman training on my TT bike I never had the need for a road bike.

It is only now when there is a road race coming up when you suddenly realize you need a road bike asap.

With some new development happening on the sponsorship side which I am not allowed to make public yet I don't want to buy a new road bike and then will have a sponsored bike in a few weeks. More on that later as soon as I get the go ahead to make it public and the signed documentation in my hand. All I can say is it looks very promising and exciting, can't wait!

One thing I do like about training with CTS, is that for the current training block up until 20 June I don't have training scheduled for Mondays. It just feel so nice after a weekend of training to wake up a little bit later than the usual 4am and after a busy day at work on a Monday not to come home and have a training session waiting for me.

Don't think it will be like that forever but while it's like that I am enjoying it 100%

Weeks Training:

Gym: 54min
Swim: 50 min, 2.1km

Bike:1h26, 51.6km
Swim: 54min, 2.25km

Gym: 51 min
Run: 48min, 10.3km

Bike: 1h21, 45.2km

Swim: 45min, 2.3km
Run: 1hr, 12.7km

Bike: 1h25, 51km


  1. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to hear more on the news.

  2. Thanks Adena, appreciate. will keep you posted

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope the sponsorship thing works out for you - you totally deserve it!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! it goes fast doesnt it?! I might have to take from your new schedule add Monday's Off always! sounds like a good policy!

  5. Congratulations with the 16 years! Without the support of my family I won't be able to do a lot of the things I do. Special time with them is great. Good luck with all your ventures.

  6. Happy 16th anniversary Stemmet's! Good luck with the race Johan. Be safe and crush all your competitors. ;o)

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

    Just a note about the low cadence, high power drills - they're gonna make you so much stronger as a cyclist. I went from 5hr34 to 4hr57 for Ironman bike by doing similar stuff.

    If you're finding it painful and hard then it's working.

  8. C
    thanks appreciate it, will know soon and will let you know

    Thansk, yes those Off Mondays are so good but don't know for how long

    Thanks Johann appreciate

    Thanks and well done on Comrades, awesome job

    Thanks will tell Kim. hope the new training pays off


  9. Congrats again on the anniversary, you are one lucky man. After 16 years, Kim driving behind you as you ride, that says it all. (Unless she's trying to run you over, haha). I digress.

    Interesting seeing your training schedule. Do keep up the descriptions of the differences. I find it facinating. The volumes you're doing now, is that because it's off season, or is it going to be much less mileage? Also, what does it cost to join the program?