Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Matilda's Sister

Well here she is, Matilda's younger sister. Wednesday morning I went through to Cycle Tech and picked up my new/replacement bike. To me the 2010 model with the red inserts make it not as dull as the 09 model that was black and silver. The wording on the bike is also white instead of silver.

It's just looking a bit brighter. Since the rear derailleur got damaged on the previous bike and after reading up on the Internet I decided to go for the SRAM Force derailleur instead of the Red.

The Force is not the top of the range but is more durable and as I am using the bike for training and racing and not only for racing I think it's a better call.

All the rest of the components are the same and was just moved from the previous bike to this one.
I've also asked them not to cut the fork as I will do it after I am 100% sure of my position on the bike. With Matilda, we've cut the fork based on the P3's position and it was just right but if I had to adjust the handle bar upwards it wouldn't have been possible.
Don't feel like buying a new fork soon.

Since they had to fit new cables I decided to fit this "Bento box" or as I call it my mobile food station. I bought it last year in Kona and wanted to put it on Matilda but kept postponing it as it's one hell of a job re cabling this bike. I've made little hole at the bottom where the cables run through.
I've also decided to replace the SRAM shifters with Zipp R2C shifters. For those who are not familiar with it, what it basically mean, is the shifters work on a ratchet system and keep pointing forward and doesn't change position.

As you shift gears the shifter returns to it's position.

And then I had to add "Skillie" (Turtle) to the bike. I just can't see myself biking without my "trademark" on the bike. Can't wait for Sunday's 3hr bike session on my soon to have a name bike, haha.

Training wise I am having an easier week than usual as my next training block starts Monday. With my first race approaching fast the following two weeks is high volume before a semi taper week. Can't believe it's only three weeks and then the racing starts, new season new goals!

Talking of races after emailing and discussing it with my coach we've decided on the races I'll do up to the end of the year. I was thinking of doing all the races in the Energade Sprint series but coach feel it will be better to concentrate on training insteadof doing Sprint Tri's.

As my goal is Ironman it will be better putting in high volume over the weekends than doing Sprint distance racing.

The races I'll be doing are:

Afriman Duathlon October 3

Huis Betsie 12 hour bike challenge October 24 ( more of a fund raiser than race but will still be hard)

Sun City Olympic Tri, November 7

Double Century Bike Race November 27

Prestige Half Ironman, December 16

Well that's it, family is waiting for me. DJ has another dance competition tomorrow and we are leaving today and are sleeping over, close to the venue. Luckily I'm packed as I took the day off work and could also fit in my training for the day before we leave.

Week's Training:

Monday: Swim 2500m, 53 min

Tuesday: Run, 45min (at endurance pace), 9.4km

Wednesday: Bike, (10x2min Power intervals) 57min, 27.4km

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Swim 1600m, 36min. Run, 45min (endurance pace) 9.8km.


  1. That is one gorgeous bike man. I seriously LOVE IT! If I could have any bike in the world I would copy this exactly.

    It seriously looks like a stealth fighter jet man.

    Glad you have her now and can finally get some serious riding in on her!

    Good luck!

  2. J, love the bike and improvements. Love the "food station", gotta get me on of those in Kona. Can hardly wait to hear what you call Maditada's little sister. Where's you're Ironman races this year? Are you doing any?


  3. Hey I thought I commented on this. Gorgeous bike Johan! I can't wait to hear about your first ride and what you name it. Love the turtle too, nice touch.

    I need to name my bike too!

  4. Matty
    Thanks man, will report back on the ride

    Thanks, yes there's so many things to buy in Kona but you need to be at the Finishers section very very early Sunday morning. The stuff sell out really fast
    No IM's this year only one half. Early next year 2 half and then my shot at Kona beginning March.

    Thanks, can't wait for Sunday's ride.
    You must name your bike, just that little more personal, Maybe something like Antonio. haha


  5. Love the new steed. Looks faster than the last one. Is that possible?! Be safe out there.

  6. Heard good things about those shifters, hope they are a worthwhile improvement.

  7. That bike looks incredible! Seems odd you are on the cusp of a new racing season as a lot of us are winding down with a few final races to wrap it up. Leaves are starting to turn already here in MN

  8. Cool, I think that's a good call. For me, next year will be much tamer, Alice is on me for spending so much $$$ this year.