Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speed Week

This week is definitely a week where I've done the most intervals in a week in all of my Ironman training . One thing I can say about CTS is that the training program is never boring and it's something different every week.

With my previous program I knew which workout on what day, months ahead and it was just the time or distance that differ. Now I can't wait to see what my next block of training looks like, which is usually three weeks in advance but can change daily depending on what the coach see in my training data which I upload.

Beyond that I have no idea what to expect but is trusting my coach 101% to guide me towards Kona 2011.

I can't say this will continue or if it is just the beginning of a lot of intervals but being used to going slow for very long times this week's intervals is just so much harder even thou the training time is shorter than what I'm used to.

But before I tell you more about the training, the picture above is also about speed but in a totally different way.

Driving 105km to work and 105km back home everyday on the same Highway for the past two years, one get to know the road very well. One thing you also get very familiar with is the law enforcement officers doing their job by catching people, speeding.

Everyday there's between two and three "speed traps" on the road catching people and they are always at the same spots. I make sure to be within the speed limit when I approach these spots.

On Tuesday I saw something that I've only heard of before. As I approached one of the "hot spots" I slowed down to make sure I was within the limit and this guy just flew past me.

Needless to say less than a kilometer down the road the traffic officer jumped up to stop him. He didn't even slowed down and just kept going. If the officer didn't jump out of the way it could have been a nasty accident.

Obviously this guy was in a big rush, had something to hide or was drunk. Doing that with your car registration number on camera can't be wise.

To get back to a different kind of speed here's what I've been up to so far this week.

Monday was a run session with 30 seconds all out intervals. Tuesday was a Gym session and a Swim session which included 15x100m sprints.

Wednesday was my hardest day of the week with a bike session in the morning with the main set being 10x2min all out power intervals and a run session in the evening which included 4x2min all out sprints as part of the main set.

Today it was a gym session and a swim session with 3x500m at race pace. Tomorrow it is another bike session with 3x10min at "Steady State" pace.

On Saturday it is a brick session which include a 2h30 bike session with 4x10min intervals at Tempo and "SS" pace followed by an 1 hour run session with 30 minutes at 10 kilometer race pace during the middle stint.

As you can see a lot of intervals and at a very high pace but luckily I have Sunday off before I start again next week with the focus on running.

Family wise Kim ( and I think me more than her) is really worried as DJ is going on a Church camp and is leaving tomorrow afternoon and is only returning Sunday evening.

The camp is more than 200 kilometers from home and they are camping out. DJ is looking really forward to this and will try out her new sleeping bag and all the camping stuff.

One thing I know is we won't sleep that well this weekend with DJ not at home.


  1. only thing that might make you a little calmer is to pack up, travel the 200k and stay near DJ!

    just over two weeks left!

  2. Never boring is a good thing with training!!! The cops are picking up speeders big time here in the US...making up for lost property tax revenue...

    and Im not sure how I am going to handle situations like you have with DJ heading out. Its not even a "situation" its what kids do as part of growing up...I did it...but its going to be HARD as a parent!!!

  3. Seems that your training is going very well. Good to have a program you enjoy. I'm terrible when my son goes on some camp or trip. Probably even worse with a daughter.

  4. Funny how sometimes the home situation is a lot harder than the training?!

    Nice speed work. That is what I lacked this year. Next year I am doing it right.

  5. It's great to hear you are enjoying the training program!

    I'm sure DJ will do just great but that isn't going to help you sleep this week. It's hard when they grow up.

  6. That is going to be tough with DJ away - I am sure she is going to have lots of fun - but her parents, well, they are going to have a tough week without her! :) I bet you guys look forward to her stores and laughter when she comes home!

    Great speedwork. I think I need to do more of that, I put in volume, but not much intensity. Leading up to IMLP, I am definitely adding intensity.

  7. Interesting not knowing what to expect, that sounds harder to me than knowing. Sounds amazing how involved CTS in your training. It sounds like you're training like a pro athlete would be trained.