Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 of 206 Million

Since my last post I had a lot of comments regarding my tongue. Just to clarify it, the picture of the tongue is not mine, just a picture I googled. My tongue is much "prettier"

For those still shocked by it, it is officially called a "geographical tongue" and an estimated 3% of the world population do have such tongues. That is roughly 206 Million people out of the 6.8 Billion people living on earth.

So it is not that unusual, I guess. O, by the way my elder sister also have a geographical tongue but my father, mother and younger sister have "normal" tongues.

We've been without power since Tuesday and what a pleasure to have a Generator. Don't think the neighbours are that pleased with the noise coming from our house but, that's life.

There was an explosion at the sub station on Tuesday that supply our neighbourhood with power and just as they fixed it one of the power boxes down our street exploded. That's the picture at the top.

They've installed a replacement box and we had power for about 3 hours tonight before it bombed out again. The bad thing about the whole situation is that most of our meat in the Freezer, especially the fish have gone off.
I start the generator up in the morning as we wake up and then shut it down as we leave for work. I then start it up again when I get home and shut it down at about 9pm. The time is just not sufficient to keep the meat frozen.

Some good news is I received my new Cervelo P4 frame after the mishap with the previous one. With Marco from the bike shop at Eurobike in Germany and the guy from Cervelo being overseas, I volunteered to go and pick up the new frame from Cervelo and take it to CycleTech as they were short of people and vehicles.

I must say the P4 in the new colours looks pretty good. When I dropped the new frame off, Liam from CycleTech promised me that he will build it and have it ready fro me by tomorrow afternoon.
The service from Cervelo was just mind blowing and beyond excellence. From the time I logged the claim to the new frame arriving in South Africa and in my hand from Canada, it took just more than 7 days. Now that is service!

Can't wait to go and do my long bike session on Saturday on my new bike. I've asked him to fit some new parts seeing that he need to build the whole bike over again, but more on that later.

On my way to the bike shop I saw this lady selling Fruits and Food next to the road. Amazing that she is doing it right next to the "No Hawkers" sign.
My Mother surprised me tonight with a set of Espresso Cups. Since I've got my Coffee machine I've made the Espresso's in normal cups but now I can use Proper Espresso Cups. Thanks Mom!

Training wise I am doing just great and one thing I can tell you is that my FTP (maximum power you can sustain per hour) on the bike has increased more than what I've expected.

One thing I've learned after my brave effort last Saturday on the bike is to stick to my training program. Did receive an email from Coach congratulating me on my effort and performance but in the same email increased my training zones.

Little did I know that I performed an unscheduled field test while I was out cycling at maximum power. With the power file available, she saw more into it than me and now my training zones (levels) are higher than before.


  1. J, sucks about the power, but I love the fact you're annoying your neighbours with jealousy. Amazing how fast you got the frame, especially considering how long it took you to get the first bike. I can hardly wait to see how you do this year racing, it really sounds like you're making great improvements. Keep it up my brother.


    P.S. love the pic of the woman. Too funny.

  2. That is good service, I guess you get what you pay for with them huh?

    We have chronic power outages, we live by a national park and during storms trees take out the lines, we all have generators... it gets quite noisy with a neighborhood of those things going off... cheaper than buying all new food though!

    Nice job on the bike too. My goal is to get stronger on the bike this winter.

  3. That picture of the woman is hilarious.

    I am glad that wasn't your tongue.

    I hope to improve my bike fitness this winter, looks like you are doing just that in your winter!!

  4. I am relieved it wasn't your tongue although I'm not sure why I'm so relieved. :-)

    I'm thrilled that Cervelo have been so good to you. I'm in the market for my own road bike and I will definitely consider them if I can get a good deal.