Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Year Ago

Yesterday One year ago this little fellow was born and boy did he changed our life's. We are animal lovers and have our fair share of dogs and cats but he just takes the cake.

When my favourite dog of all time, Juba the Bullterrier died after a long battle with skin cancer, I didn't want to have a replacement dog immediately. When the Vet call you by your name and give you preferential treatment, you know that you've spend lots of money at his practise.

I got Eddy the day we arrived back in South Africa after Kona and that night I wasn't that impressed with him. Not nice having a puppy besides your bed when you just finished traveling 20+ hours and have serious jet lag.

Well it's now one year later he is the centre of attention in the house and he knows that. There is not one night when I arrive back from work that he is not waiting for me in the bedroom and as soon as I take my socks off he grabs them and them run around and I must catch him or try and catch him. He will let you get close but as I want to grab the socks he runs away.

His reward for his birthday was this bone from the Eisbein I had today at lunch. Me, Kim and DJ went to a restaurant we haven't been to in months and they didn't disappoint, the food was excellent.
DJ got this funny ritual whereby she takes a slice of lemon and suck on it as we wait for our food whenever we go to a restaurant. Usually she gets the slice from one of our starter meals or if not she will ask for one. Can imagine the funny looks she get from the waiters asking for some lemon.

Yesterday as I got back from my bike ride I saw this guy on our neighbours roof. He is doing maintenance to the thatch roof and I got sweaty palms just looking at him. I don't like heights and seeing this guy work without any safety equipment was just too scary.
He must be doing it for some time I guess and when I came back from my brick run he was still busy and it really didn't seem to bother him.

Yesterday's brick session was great. I had to do it on the road bike as my P4 is not finished yet. They've build the bike but they still need to do some adjustment to the cabling.

I didn't want to rush them and would rather wait until Monday than have a bike with cables not working 100%.

The bike session was a 2 hour ride which included 2 x 15 minutes at Tempo pace and 2 x 15 minutes at Steady State pace. For the tempo session I maintained 270 watts and for the SS intervals 290 watts. This was my new power ranges and I was surprised to maintain it and still keep my heart rate in my aerobic zone. I was further away from home than expected and ended up doing 2h15.

After the bike I did a 30 minute run with the middle 20 minutes at 4min/km pace. I could manage the middle stint but had to really push hard and my heart rate was higher than expected.

This week is an easier week for me with a lot of recovery and endurance sessions with only one or two speed sessions.

Yesterday's Training:
Bike: 2h15, 67.9km, 30.3km/h, 133bpm ave, 225 watts ave, 260 watts(NP) ave, 1806 kcal
Run: 30min, 6.6km, 157bpm ave, 4:24min/km 418kcal,
Friday's Training:
Swim: 40min, 2100m( 7x300m on 30sec rest)


  1. Whew......I was reading about Eddy and then saw that plate of food that looked the size of Eddy and was relieved to hear it wasn't Eddy in the end. hahaha.

    Thatch roof, amazing, I've never seen a two story hut before. The hut advancements you guys in Africa have made is second to none to any other nation in the world. hahaha.

    Great work on the wattages. Again, I can hardly wait to see you're racing this year. You're going to kill it, especially on the bike, I can feel it.


  2. What a cute dog! He looks like he has a lot of personality in him. Hopefully he doesn't tear the socks when he teases you haha.

    Smart move on the bike. I hope you are happy with the new frame. You seem like a monster on the bike and you also seem like the athlete that can gain from having a nice bike.

    Good luck this week with the training!

  3. family pets are amazing! our dog karma rules the house! awesome training stats! I have a lot of work to do to get to those times! Holy, you run like the wind!