Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got to Make a Living

Maybe I am wrong but it seems that during the past three odd months or so, more and more informal businesses are popping up everywhere.

In South Africa we are use to the street vendors but lately I've seem more businesses being set up right next to the road.

I don't blame these people, it may not look very neat and they may not pay the taxes they should be but at least they are trying and are not going the route which a lot of people's gone lately, begging for money at the traffic lights with a sign telling you how many children he's got and can't afford food.

The picture right at the top is a guy who's having his own restaurant next to the road. Below is the same guy expanding his business a few days later. He has now put up a stand with some fruit and vegetables if you don't feel like eating at his place. He just saw the cap in the market.

Here is a guy running a bicycle shop, don't know if I will take Roxy to him for a service. Think I will keep supporting CycleTech.

This guy is selling brooms and truck tyres converted into children swings on top of a bridge at an intersection leading to the Freeway.
A mini mall selling furniture, decorations for your garden or house and lawn if you need to sort out that empty patch in your yard.

Another restaurantAn open air restaurant with a take out facility.The local Barber shop.

Some other random news is we've got new neighbours. Little bit shy but I'll think we will get on pretty well. DJ is just scared that they will steal Dolly but I said to her I don't think they are capable of doing it although they keep a close eye on Dolly at night when she goes outside for a pee.

Don't think they have any children.

Not a good picture but you can see the two owls on the roof.
Jokes aside these two owls have made our roof their home during the night since last week and what an awesome sight and that amazing sound when they fly over your head.

Tuesday's training was short but hard. I did a power interval bike session in the morning with 10x2 minute intervals all out and a fartlek running session in the afternoon, doing 30 seconds intervals.

Monday was a gym and swim session with 15x100 sprints as the main set. Just didn't have the speed and energy after Sunday's session but could still manage to finish the session.

Also took my bike to Cervelo. Amazing service from these guys. I did sent them an email last week complaining that the seat post on the new bike is also slipping just like the old one.

They did say that the 2011 models have an improved seat post clamp on the P4's. Monday they sent me an email to ask when can I bring my bike, as they managed to get one of the 2011 clamps and want to fit it to my bike. Thank you Cervelo


  1. Liked that post. SA is in interesting place, that I know too little about. Also, wondering if you have the Kona fever for next year?

  2. I've been watching a few of these on my way to work and they are growing. Business must be good. I love the owls. Are they Spotted Eagle Owls? I often see them on my morning runs.

  3. Bummer on the seat post with the bike again.

    LOVED your Forbes list of affluent businesses down there. I can only imagine you stopping your car and taking each and every picture haha.

    Hopefully they don't start an auto business and start stealing your customers :)

    I need to do speed work. I have not done any this whole year. It will change next year for sure.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Ok, I understand you not wanting to take Roxy, but the hair cut? What could possibly go wrong? hahaha.