Monday, October 25, 2010

Having Fun, That's all

Some more photos about Sunday's charity ride. There are so many pics and if I have to upload them all, my next twenty posts will be just photos.

I suppose you had enough about the charity ride and here are the final photos of the 200+ my sister took. Thank you Heloise for playing photographer for the day, on very short notice and to my Mother and Gerhard for manning the table the entire day.

Appreciate it.

I will do one last post tomorrow about someone that really touched my heart during this weekend and then it's back to the Ironman training blogging stuff.

Donnalee Roberts, who play the character of Annalie in the TV series 7de Laan, was at the Mall and came to say hello. That must have been the highlight of the weekend if not of their life's for the residents of HBL
Pieter helping Donnalee getting her donation in the container.
One thing I can say is that we had fun. Look at the pictures and all you see is smiling faces. That's what it is all about, having fun, no matter what you do even if some curve balls are coming your way (and we had a few)
With 15 laps done the wind also decided that it is taking our Gazebo down and the rest of the afternoon was spend raising funds in the sun with no shade. My mother don't have a new hairstyle, that's the wind blowing that bad.
Just to summarize, a total of 24 laps(245km) were done. Most guys did between 170km and 200km.
We had to make a tough decision 10 hours into the challenge. It started raining, becoming very dark with some thunder. With us doing 3km on the freeway, it was just too dangerous to continue with visibility not great.

We decided to call it a day and we didn't want to spoil 10 hours of cycling and fun during a great weekend with some incident during the final 2 hours. In the end I know we made the right decision.

We are so thankful that the whole weekend was a success without any serious incidents.
Getting a hug from DJ in between laps.
DJ drooling over the bike, she even bough a ticket herself but it wasn't her lucky day
Doing the draw for the bike.
Sandra getting the name from the list after a number was drawn.
Johann phoning the lucky winner of the mountain bike.

Thank you to everyone who donated, supported us and for helping to make this weekend a great success

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  1. Somewhere along the way I missed this whole story. It so great to give back sometimes. Well done to all of you.