Friday, October 1, 2010

Risk a Little

There are many terrible things that could happen today. They
may even happen, but probably won’t.
Even though, the worry about all the bad things that could happen, but that probably won’t happen,
serve as a way to stop us from doing all the good things that could
happen. Ironically because of all of this, occurs the worst thing that
could happen, absolutely nothing.

Even existing risks at every moment, the positive possibilities are
almost always more likely in our favor.
For every difficulty that surges, exist at least a dozen opportunities
that are just waiting for us to take advantage of them.

Risk a little today, tomorrow- every day.
Live intensively the miracle of life, of which you have been blessed.
There are many joyful things that happen when you have the courage
and the faith to participate.

Breath deeply. There is a whole world of marvelous things
waiting to be explored. Be part of it. Maintain focus on the good things
that could happen and feel the intense pleasure of transforming them
in reality.

Ralph Marston

Yes and for those who have the honour of doing IRONMAN WORLDS, Risk a Little, you never know when you will have the privilege to do it again.
Sunday is the "official" opening of my new season with my first race. It is a Duathlon and although the fitness level and the race weight is not what it's suppose to be I am really looking forward to the race.
"And There are many joyful things that happen when you have the courage
and the faith to participate"
I WIIL Risk a Little and maybe I may DNF but I am going to do things differently than before, Maybe it will work maybe it won't but I will take the risk.
Will you Risk a Little?


  1. You posted this knowing it would hit home with me right?! wow!

    I'm going to follow your lead and I WILL Risk on Sunday raceday...


  2. Excellent Post! Can I share this on my blog too? :)

  3. Derek
    Glad to hear, just go out and risk on Sunday.

  4. zErOiCe
    no problem Paul you can share it, that's what's blogging is all about

  5. Johan, loved how you summed it up. Ironman Worlds after all of the other pictures.

    Great post. Have a good weekend!

  6. Matty O
    Thanks, great weekend to you too

  7. only one place to leave it,one the road! Have a great season opener! Cheers~