Sunday, October 10, 2010

So much to Celebrate

Let me first congratulate all the Kona finishers, it was amazing reliving the race and I could feel during today's training session that I had only two hours sleep, but hey it's the Big Dance. Don't wanna miss that!

I also got a reminder this morning from the company hosting my Internet connection that I've used 50% of my monthly web "allowance". That usually only happened round about the 20th of the month but watching Ironman Worlds online for 10 odd hours does that to your Internet usage

A special shout out to Bryan, who finished in 11h24 and made us all proud. Well done Bryan.
This picture of a little Lizard in my office reminded me of Bryan in the build up to race day. I kept chasing him out of my office but he enjoyed the heat of the power supply too much. Maybe he is also training for the Kona heat.

After Last weeks disappointing race according to my high standards, I was sending mails the same day to my coach.

Coach replied and assured me, we have a plan. With my previous training plan for Ironman I did a lot of endurance from the word go but not a lot of intervals and speed work. We are building towards Ironman2011 and this is the plan, no need to have lot of stamina 6 months before the event.

September (which is gone), October and November is an Endurance block with some threshold and above threshold work to maximise the training effects. December and January is the threshold phase with lots of Tri specific training that includes long bike and run sessions and to practise fueling and pacing.
Then the month of February will be my taper month.

So maybe I am too hard on myself and need to be more patient if I wanna do well at Ironman next year.

Yesterday DJ had another competition (two to go before year end break) and did just amazing. It was the first time she finished first and what make it even more special she finished first in the Freestyle and in the Slow dance divisions.

When I saw her dance I just knew that today will be her day. It was one of those days where everything comes together and just click. I said to her afterwards, from my experience when I was doing Wrestling/Judo and from Triathlons, those days don't happen that often and she must savor the moment.

Well done DJ, you brought a big smile and a tear to me and your Mothers face.

Kim also got the news last week that she got a promotion at work. She will stay in the same job category but have moved into a higher job level. She also received an email to confirm that she has passed her 1st year of a three year Diploma course in Training and Development, she is studying for.

I have so much respect for her as I don't have the power to do a diploma at the age of 40.

Training wise I had a good solid week and even with today's temperatures going way over 30c I enjoyed it and had a great session but needed a few hours to recover from the heat and intensity.

It was a Brick session with a 3 hour bike and a 30 minute run.
The wind was just wicked and two of the three hours I had to bike right into a head wind.

The main session of the ride was 4x15minutes at 280-290 watts. The run also went great and I could manage a 4:50min/km pace.

A big thank you again to my Ironman Sherpa, Kim. On today's bike session I was hoping that she would drive in front of me and not at the back, to shield me from the wind but I had no such luck.

Not having to look over your shoulder every two minutes to see if a car or truck want to take me out, make my training so productive to concentrate 100% on the session. Thanks Babe.

The other advantage of having a Sherpa in a car behind me is I can put the bike in the car after the bike session and do my run session immediately afterwards. I've renamed the Steel factory where I do my runs lately to Witbank's Energy Lab.

Running 20km out of town next to a steel factory with no one around you apart from Kim, nothing to protect you from the wind and sun as there's no trees remind me so much of the Energy Lab in Kona

Past week's Training
Swim: 3100m, 1h04

Run: 45min, 9..5km
Bike: 60min, 33km

Gym: 55 minutes
Swim: 2700m, 57min

Rest day

Run: 1h05, 14km, including 3x8min at 3:45min/km pace

Run: 1 hour, 12.5km

Bike 3h00, 89km, including 4x15min at 280-290watts
Run 30 min, 6.2km


  1. Congrats DJ!! That is so awesome! Love the photos, and she looks so happy. That is great!

    Sounds like an awesome ride! The only way I would ever keep up with you is in a car! ha

  2. hey J, nice blog. just found you through twitter and Mr Payne's blog. he is awesome isnt he? where abouts in Jo burg are you, sounds like up north or east. i live in dallas texas now but lived in S.A for about 27 years. Ive been here now for going on 6 years and am doing my second 70.3 next weekend. My first full ironman will be next year.

    catch you later bro. keep at it. two great quotes for you to remember. Train hard, Race easy & i will beat my ass today, so i can kick your tomorrow.


  3. First off, DJ, great job! That is very impressive!

    I am glad she is taking so well to dance! I can understand how proud you are. For you to spot her having a perfect day where everything clicks, that is special.

    Nice job on the training. I understand your feelings on your race, it is great to have a coach to continue to keep your head straight and believe in the plan. You just keep putting your time in and follow the plan, good things will come, they always do. You just can't see them form the way you want that's all.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Mandy,
    will give her message.
    Only way I will able to keep up with you in lake is with boat.

    If I could only swim like you, just can't get any faster

  5. Hi JASON
    We live in Witbank, a city about 100km east of Joburg on your way to Kruger national park.
    Why did you move to US, work, family??

    best of luck with your 70.3 an IM next year

  6. Matty
    Thanks, I will give her your message. Yes it was a perfect day.

    So glad I have coach who communicate with me, no uncertainty


  7. J, first the important stuff, Big congrats to DJ and Kim, I'm happy for both of them and I can't say enough that Kims a saint for driving behind you. I can only imagine how bad it must be, yuck!

    Thanks for the props and also posting your training schedule. I'm amazed at how much less volume it is than you were doing. I can see why your concerned with the results after MAO being so different and working for you.

    I think its good to stick with it and see if they're right. I hope they are, if not, at least you'll know for sure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  8. J, BTW, you are looking pretty, pretty, pretty damn fit. I'm SICK of seeing guys that look like you after Kona. haha