Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 Things you don't know about me

Lately I've seen people blogging about things other people don't know about them. Some people list 10 things, other 25 and then you get people who list up to 100 things and my friend Bryan even went beyond 100 things.

Well here's my list of things not everybody know about me but I think I will stick to 10.

1. Never been absent one day during my whole school career, Grade 1 to Grade 12.

2. I can predict where water is under ground and my father use to take me to farms and I would predict where they must sink a borehole ( have a 100% hit rate with my last "job" only 2 years ago. I use metal wires or a "Y" wood stick ).

3. I once set alight a sugar cane plantation in our back yard (my father planted it to protect the house from cross winds at our swimming pool) and almost set the house on fire.

4. My favourite meal is Eisbein with Sauerkraut and a Beer.

5. Obtained provincial colours in 5 different sport disciplines (Wrestling, Judo, Duathlon,Triathlon and yes Inflatable Boat Racing, but that's a whole different chapter in my life)

6. Don't know what it is called but I am obsessed with timing my activities. From doing Triathlons, which is no big deal to driving to work and even time spent in bathroom. Everything I do I measure against the clock. I know it's sick but I can't help it. I will time an activity and then it becomes a target to do it in most cases faster or somethings slower.

7. When I finished studying, I sold my car which I inherited from my Grand Father to buy an airplane ticket to visit my girlfriend in Belgium.

8. I crashed my company car on my first ever work day at my first job as a Trainee Car Salesperson and luckily didn't get fired.

9. I was a Formula 1 fanatic some time ago and have attended 6 Formula 1 Grands Prix (USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Monaco)

10. I use to breed Birds, Pigeons and Bunnies when I was at school. When the Pet Shop didn't want to buy anymore Bunnies from me or wanted them for Free I used to stop outside the shop and sent my younger sister (ten years my junior) into the shop and just put the box full of Bunnies inside the store and run away. Eventually I got rid of all the Bunnies and boy did I learn way back that Bunnies is one animal you don't breed.

Bike(field test, determining FTP) 1h02, 32km
Run: 30 min, 6km, 5min/km, 427kcal, 137bpm


  1. This is an awesome list! Crashing the company car on the first day of work? AND you were a formula 1 racer? Those two things are kind of funny when said together. I had bunnies growing up, and they tend to be...prolific. OH and that water trick (dousing?) is cool - some people have it, I am not one of them.

  2. Oh I just re-read and you said you were a Formula 1 Fanatic. Oops. See, I would believe that you were a racer though! :)

  3. Thanks, didn't know what it's called but thanks for helping out--->Dousing

    Yes I am only a F1 fan but must say that that was my first and only accident so far in my life.

    In my defense I didn't know the area where I started new job and approached T-junction without seeing that road is ending and drove straight across. Luckily no other cars involved.

  4. Nice list! I used to bread birds, hamsters and fish. I now only breed fish. The hamsters and the bunnies fall in the same category...suddenly there are dozens of them!
    You are certainly a great allround sportsman.

  5. Great list. Has Kim banned your watch from the bedroom??? haha.


  6. Johan-
    Great call on number 7! haha
    Great bunnies and breeding

  7. Johann
    What type of fish do you breed?
    Yes learn the hard way started with something like 8 bunnies and ended up with 100+. thats when parents said we're closing this farm

  8. B
    Now you know why some things become a target to do faster and other things slower!! haha

  9. D
    Yes my father was not at all happy with that decision

  10. Awesome blog just found today and see tons of useful info. #1 is amazing!!!! says something about your character and #6 made me laugh especially when you mentioned the bathroom! Good luck with your up coming races and training!