Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Take me to the Track

Next time you want to go to the race track you're welcome to take me along, although I am not a gambling man I think my predictions are good. Below is just some post Ironman fun.

Can see I don't have a lot to say about IM training as there is not a lot going on right now but I am starting next week and will get back in the IM training groove.

For those following my blog you will remember I had a post up( who's who in the 40-44 zoo) just before IMSA where I made a prediction of who to watch at IMSA getting in the top 10 of our age group.

Well it turned out that my predictions weren't too far off. As I said of the 313 competitors, 51 were foreigners so I based my predictions on South Africans only.

Of the Top 10 South Africans I was right with 6.

Below is the results and the positions mentioned are as South Africans not overall.

Nr 1, I said Richard Wright and he finished 1st

Russell Nugent finished 2nd and I predicted that he will get a podium.

Mr Turtle (that's me) finished 4th and I had myself down as a dark horse/outsider.

Andrew Payne finished 6th, I predicted a top 5.

Marc de Rooy finished 7th and I also had him down as a dark horse.

Guy Cluver finished 9th and I predicted he finish 7th.

Well not bad predictions, getting 6 out of 10.
O' and our age group was won by Jason van der Burght from the Netherlands, congratulations Jason. One of my posts last year was about the IMSA course and giving advice to first timers. Jason commented that he found the post very helpful and thanked me. Little that I know back then that he will be our age group winner.

That's my post IM fun for tonight, need to start IM training soon, the only problem is finding a race to train for as we enter Winter now. I am not very keen on maintenance training as I feel more driven and committed if I have a race date waiting for me.

Training: Rest day
And for my friend B: 3 + 1


  1. Winter is certainly getting closer. 8°C when I ran this morning.

  2. Johann
    Yes agree on that, so glad i'm taking little break now

  3. Hi Johan,

    I just arrived back in Amsterdam after a week traveling along the Garden route. Yes, I won my agegroup and i am very happy. My goal was to get a slot for Hawaii and that become true. I always read your weblog and sometimes it was very helpfull for me. I learned from your idea to brake up the 60km bikeroute in three parts with the times you had in mind. The predictions for the top ten SA was helpfull information. But when i did research on the atletes it made me also nervous. So i turned the focus back on myself and my possibilities.
    Accept the small breakdown between km 24 and 28 in the marathon everything went well. The organisation was also the best i have ever seen. So, i reached my goals (Hawaii and <9.30) and now i am a happy man.
    Thanks for your weblog. Keep writing and hope we will met sometimes. And if you need advice :) ....
    Regards, Jason

  4. Jason
    Glad to hear you enjoyed South Africa and are back in the Netherlands.
    I would love to get some advice from you if you don't mind, wonder if you have an email adres for me.
    I tried reading your blog but struggling with the Dutch. Your race report seem very interesting, the parts I could understand.

    Think I will translate it and will then appreciate it more.

  5. Interesting, you are pychic. Do you have any predictions for lottery winning numbers? haha.

  6. B
    Sorry tried it but 60% hit rate don't do it for Lotto, maybe Horses, haha