Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day in the real World

Today was Mothers Day and nothing about the day turned out the way we planned, but we survived and had a different but great day.

My Mother enjoys a week in the Kruger Park (National Game Park) every year with friends and this coming week it is that time of year again. She asked me if I can dropped her off at the Church (the point of departure) at 5:30am this morning and I said sure, I will be awake but she just need to give me a call at 5am to see if I was awake.

Well we got the call at 5am but it was not good. Lately the doctor changed her High Blood pressure medication and since that she gets this cold sweat, dizzy feeling when she wakes up in the morning.

She had the same feeling this morning and was awake since 3am but couldn't get up. There was no way that she was in a state to get up and ready to go. After Kim gave her some Tea and something to eat she went back to bed and we phoned the group to tell them she's not coming.

By 9am I went and sorted her medicine out and got her old medicine which didn't have the side effects on her that the current ones have. After I came back she was feeling better and I could see that she was very disappointed not being able to go on the trip.

I said to her if she feels better later and want to go I will take her (a 3 hour drive). She was happy and said she will let me know. She then said yes and I arranged to take her after our lunch meeting and said we can leave at 2pm

It was almost 12pm and Kim had a reservation at a restaurant for us to have lunch and her sister and brother with there better half's would join us.

Kim and her Sister, who is six months pregnant

We didn't want to cancel as Kim hasn't seen her sister in months and it was anyway too late so we went for lunch. The restaurant was so busy and I don't know how they planned but they were way under staffed. We were waiting for everything and the poor waiter was making excuses every time he came by as he was just running around like a mad man.

At 2pm, when I thought we would be done my food arrived and after having a quick bite I had to leave to take my mother to the Park. Kim and family stayed behind and enjoyed their lunch without me.

Well after a 2h34 drive to the Park and a 2h25 drive back( I only know this as I was thinking about negative splits in driving suppose to running), my mother is fine and she is happy to be with her friends and enjoy a week in the Park.

Well the day didn't start or go as we planned but being back at home I am going to have a beer now and enjoy the last bit of Mothers day with Kim. Happy Mother day Kim, you are an awesome Mom!

Tomorrow I am going to start training again. For two weeks I have done nothing but I can feel that the urge to train again is back. (Yippy)

And did I mention Winter is coming!


  1. Well, it didn't go as planned, but it sounds like it was a good day, nonetheless! Happy Mothers Day to Kim and your mom. AND good, glad to hear you are ready to train again! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. Good thing you had the old medicine. Oh, and your a nice son offering a 3 hour drive.


  3. Caratunk Girl
    Thank you, I will tell them. Yes it feels good to start training again after the break.

  4. B
    Thanks, lucky for us she is fine again.Well driving het there was different kind of mothersday present

  5. You are such a good son, I'm happy to hear your mom feels better and is enjoying some time with her friends.

    Which race is next up for you? I must have missed a post, I'll read back and see if the info is already there.

  6. Adena
    Thanks, yes she is much better now and enjoying the Park.

    No, you haven't missed a post. I don't have a big race coming up soon. We are now going into Winter and I will just do some small Duathlon races to keep me busy but nothing serious.