Friday, July 16, 2010

Being a Single Dad is Hard Work

Being a Single Dad even thou it was only for a week is hard work. Kim was away on a work trip and me and DJ was all alone this week. Kim still have another week long work trip but that is only somewhere in October, so for now we're fine again.

I really don't know how it would be possible to do Ironman, managing a full time job and looking after DJ if I did it all by myself. I've said it in a previous blog post but it is during weeks like the past one that I appreciate Kim even more.

There was no time for Blogging, surfing the web or just watching TV and if it wasn't for my Blackberry I would only be able to read my emails tonight. Tonight is actually the first time I am working on the PC this whole week.
One thing I did manage was training but only because it was a semi taper week for me with the off road duathlon on Sunday. If it was a full Ironman training week I'm sure some sessions would have been missed.
Lucky for me my Mom helped and picked DJ up after school and made sure all the homework was done when I arrived home from work.

This Sunday is the last short distance race before I swing my focus to the longer distance racing and my next race, a long distance Duathlon will only be in October.

I left work early today and went back to the optometrist to pick up my contact lenses. It was the first time I've tried it after wearing glasses for I guess about 10 years. They weren't that bad and I think I will come right.

The two photos I've posted tonight is just some special Dad/Daughter moments some time ago. We had a lot of those moment this week but taking pictures this week didn't even cross my mind.

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  1. OMG a week?!! I'm on day 1 of a 3 day solo parenting weekend and I am toast. Funny I was thinking same thing this morning, as a single parent the possibility of doing any training at all would be virtually non-existent. but it is GREAT for the wife to get away and I'm glad she does it...equally as GREAT for me to be solo with the kids, no matter how much of a test it can be sometimes!

    Have a great race Sunday!