Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer's here, well Almost

Summer is here or at least that's how it felt this weekend. During the day it is quite pleasant and warm but one can feel at night and early in the morning that it's still a bit nippy. Well Winter is almost gone and to be honest I can't wait.

Funny how one's perspective change about the seasons.

Not long ago when I was still a FG(Fat Guy) I loved the Winters, I can dress up warm, do nothing and eat a lot. In summer I still did nothing, eat a lot but was sweating like a pig with the big fat layer around me.

Now that I'm a PFG(Previous Fat Guy) I love the Summer and "hate" the Winter. It is so cold with less layers of fat around me.

Today I did my long run at 1pm and it was as you can see from the picture, between 23 and 31 with an average of 26c. Not bad for Winter. I also had a great run and just perform better in the heat than in the cold. I did a 1h30 endurance run and decided to run the hilly route instead of the less hilly route and could still manage 18.5km.

That's the problem or advantage of living in a city/neighbourhood that only have up and downhills, no flat sections. It is just the difference in grades of the hills that determine if it's a hilly or not so hilly route.

Well as you can sense from my post I am really excited now that Winter is disappearing.

Thursday afternoon I had some business to take care of in Witbank and had a follow up appointment at the Optometrist to see if I can come right with contact lenses. It was the ideal day to leave work early as DJ had here first hockey game of the season.

She's the one, right in the middle at the far sight bending forward and ready for action.

She's been chosen to represent the 1st team of the school although she is only in grade 6 and usually the open team consist of players that's in grade 7. I am so proud of her. Luckily they drew 0-0 and didn't loose the first game of the season.

She was all over the field and one can see from this red face that she did her fair share of running.

The mini hockey practise was also on and I enjoyed this little guy(nr4) so much, the stick is almost bigger than him but he is all over the field.

I also took Dolly to the Vet today so that he can "fix" her up. It is just impossible to have good hygiene in the house with a dog that is one heat and with Eddy becoming a "man" it is just crazy. We've decided to rather fix her up and that way Eddy can also start eating again. Wish I can drop weight like he did the last week.


  1. Definitely getting warmer, but I'm sure we'll have another cold front or two before the winter finally leaves us. This was not an easy winter for training.

  2. For some reason I love training in the winter...but that doesn't mean I want it to arrive soon! Love the hockey pics!