Thursday, July 29, 2010

Officially a Veteran now

Well, I am now officially a Veteran when it comes to racing. Yesterday was my 40th birthday and it was awesome.

When it comes to racing the rules differ for each sport discipline and although I've been participating in the 40-44 age group at Ironman I was technically not 40 yet but the rule state that the age you are at 31 December of that year is the age you participate in.

But when it comes to running they apply the rule whereby you race in the age group of your actual age on race day. So when it comes to Road running I was still in the Open division up to yesterday.

I said to Kim that I am actually looking at doing a road race as soon as possible just to tick that Veteran box on the entry form.

Some people have an issue with their age but I don't care about getting old and believe that you are just as young or old as you think you are. Maybe that's why Club Music is still my favourite kind of music and I still see myself as a twenty something year old guy although I can feel the difference in age when I wake up after a hard day of racing or training.

Yesterday after work our whole family had a get together and had some lovely snacks and cakes my mother bake. Having had a Home Industry shop and still baking for clients from home, no one bakes like my mother.

She, DJ and my Sister even baked me an Ironman cake in the spur of the moment just before I got home.

At the end of the night I was a little bit high after a few beers, some red wine and lots of Coffee. I think I had a caffeine overdose. The reason being I got a coffee machine for my birthday, with a coffee grinder, something I've wanted for some time. The machine also have a timer so that I can now wake up to the smell of coffee.

I was experimenting the whole night and was making coffee, espresso and cappuccino and the family was the Guinea pigs. I am now just searching for the perfect Coffee bean but I think between Russell Nugent and Urban Ninja, I will be guided to THE one, as both of them know their coffee very well.

The family also gave me some very nice red wine glasses as I also love my red wine.

Well needless to say I did no training on my birthday but I didn't miss any session as coach was kind enough to give me the day of. But today I was back at it full swing even with a stuffy beer, wine and caffeine head this morning and did a Tempo run session and Swim session for the day.

This weekend my sister from Polokwane is coming to visit and we will have a family BBQ to celebrate my birthday again, but I don't mind. Looking forward to it as I haven't seen my sister in 2010 yet.


  1. WELL! Then happy birthday! Sometimes those "stuffy head runs" are the best! At least afterword.

  2. Welcome to your 40's. It's actually not that bad.

  3. Happy BDAY Veteran! Its all downhill from here....or is it uphill?!

  4. Hey happy birthday and welcome to the old farts age-group. Sadly I'll squeeze into the 45-49 age-group for ake Palcid next year so no head to head - I get to chase Bryan down though. Congratulations and best wishes.

  5. Happy 40th! I'll be 47 tomorrow and I might be a bit slower than 10 years ago, but I'm certainly a lot wiser.

  6. First off "happy birthday" and second off you drank "wine, beer and coffee" and you think it was the coffee that screwed you up? hahahahahaha. I guess you're worried if your employees read this? From my perspective all I have to say is "don't bullshit the regulars". haha

    Good luck in your new veteran catagory. I'm with you, you're only as old as you feel.

    I hope you have many nights of enjoying your coffee from your new wine glasses. haha.